Women Who Bring Your Boyfriend With You To Victoria’s Secret: Can You Please Not?


It’s a hard world for women. Not matter where I am (walking down the street, waiting for the bus, doing my laundry, at my job) I can’t escape the men who feel entitled to come up to me and have a conversation. I’m not better than these guys and I’m not an enemy of being friendly, but I don’t see these guys trying to make friend with random dudes — it’s just women and it gets exhausting fast. I don’t want to smile for you or entertain you, I’m just trying to go to work.

My tolerance is eaten up by having to be on alert 24/7, every time I am walking around down town, every time I am walking at night, every time I am doing anything. Could you please permit me the small courtesy of shopping for a bra in peace?

I know you’re all thinking the same thing, “oh it will be so fun and sexy to have him come with me to watch me pick out discounted thongs from the semi-annual bin” but it’s not. In reality he stands there looking around, watching women who are not you shop for bras, underwear, and lingerie. And it’s gross. No one is there to put on a show for your boyfriend. We are just trying to shop in peace.

I’ve known guys who’ve gone with their girlfriends and they say it makes them uncomfortable and bored but they are dragged along to the mall — what can they do? Well, for starters, not date women who can’t handle shopping alone. I’m sorry that you get lumped in with the creepers who are just there to stare at women but you’re actually all looking so it’s hard to differentiate. Even if your intention may not be the same, your actions are.

Ladies, how hard is it to go shopping on your own and make decisions about what you like? It’s not rocket science to figure out what turns a guy on, if that’s your goal. The Victoria’s Secret Pink line is targeted towards teen and tween girls, does your boyfriend really need to watch them pick out their underwear? Or vice versa?

Please just let women and girls shop in peace, keep your leering boyfriends out of stores they have no business being in. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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