9 Things Guys Have Actually Said To Me In Bed After Sex

argo74 / (Shutterstock.com)
argo74 / (Shutterstock.com)
I am a woman in my 20s and all the men I’m quoting have been my age or older. I’m not including any situations where intoxicants were involved in any way.


“Have you ever really THOUGHT about Totino’s pizza rolls, though?”


“My dad gave me some cash for beer, if you wanted to go grab a drink later. That might be romantic.”


“Sorry I peed in my car earlier. It was the closest bathroom.”


“I know I already ejaculated, but I have a weird question. Would it still make sense for you to give me a blowjob?”


“Let’s consider the real differences between pancakes and waffles.”


“If I was trapped on a desert island with a bunch of whores and then you, I would probably choose you.”


“Did you even know you had boobs like that?”


“Do you remember that time we had sex?”
(Me: “Just now?”)
“Yeah. Yeah, you have a good memory.”


“If we had sex inside of an IHOP, we would be inside of an IHOP right now. Did you EVEN CONSIDER THAT AS A POSSIBILITY?” Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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