7 Things Female Roommates Do Together (That You Can’t Do If You Move In With A Boyfriend)

just moved in with my boyfriend and things have been going really well, but there are obviously things we’re learning about each other. We’ve already pieced together that we need our own toothpaste; I’m a reckless squeezer, he’s a systematic roller. By now we know that I eat the majority of the peanut butter in the house, and his Sour Patch Kids are off limits. He’s clean, considerate, and an all-around awesome roommate. But prior to us cohabitating, I was living with four female roommates and was pretty well adjusted to living with girls. While I wouldn’t go back to sharing overcrowded bathrooms and trading my first-born child’s life for fridge space, there are a handful of things I miss about living with ladies:

1. Talking about gross shit

Yeah, I can talk to my boyfriend about bathroom-related things, but nothing compares to in-depth talks about your period with someone who gets it. Also, you can totally share weird poop stories with girls. I try to maintain an air of toilet mystery around my boo, but I’m down to talk to ladies about poo. Added bonus: you’re out of tampons? Your roommate has a full box.

2. Indulging in reality T.V.

Watching the Kardashians for four hours on Netflix? Yes, please. You know it’s literally rotting your brain, but you don’t care because you can talk over Kourtney’s scenes and catch up in the meantime.

3. Discussing dude drama.

When you’re with your female roommates, you take on many roles and love them all. Sometimes that makes you a therapist, others a cheerleader. Bonding over your gal pal’s love life ultimately makes you closer, and more able to help her spot douchebags when you’re out at bars. Plus, you’ll have someone to talk to when your love life is on the fritz, too.

4. Sharing everything.

Word to the wise: move in with a girlfriend who is around the same size as you. You’ll thank me later when you’re easily able to trade dresses and shoes. Did you run out of conditioner in the shower? Oh hey, you can totally use your girl’s. You need a cute skirt for your Tinder date? Hello, foreign closet full of wonder.

5. Eating, eating so much.

Indulging with your roomie feels good, sometimes too good. Whether you were craving pizza at three a.m., or she was jonesing for cheeseburgers at noon, you would give into temptation… together. Consuming 5,000 calories a day doesn’t feel so wrong when you’re doing it in the name of moral support and adventure. And hey, who can say no to a cheeseburger?

6. All’s hair in love and housemates.

One of the most disturbing things about being a woman is the fact that you shed enough hair throughout the year to make approximately 1,657 wigs. However, when there are multiple females cohabitating, you can easily pass off your hair for a friend’s, and avoid having to deal with the hairy consequences of dealing with clogged drains and nonfunctioning vacuums.

7. Wine nights.

Be they planned or spontaneous, wine nights are sacred. I remember gathering around several bottles of two-buck chuck (eight buck if we were feeling particularly reckless) and passing them around ad nauseam. Successful wine nights are the unicorns of the social world; they are magical, and much too infrequently experienced.

Female friendship frequently gets a bad rep, but it’s one of the most satisfying connections I’ve ever experienced. While I no longer live with ladies, I ask you to appreciate the gal pals you have, and hug them a little tighter tonight during your Real Housewives marathon. Take it from someone who now knows better, these times won’t last forever, but your memories will (as long as you don’t go too hard on the wine). Thought Catalog Logo Mark

featured image – Brianna Wiest / Instagram

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