Opinion You’re Going To Hate: Women Aren’t Oppressed, They’re Actually The Most Protected Class In Our Society

Hey guys, it’s me, Chrissy Stockton. I’m producing this article from an anonymous submitter who wants to talk about women and men’s issues in 2014. I’d rather publish him than pass it over and let him go off to red pill Reddit where he’ll only talk to people who agree with him and get more and more misogynistic, but I want to do it in a way that inspires dialogue rather than promoting a greater divide between women and men, or, feminists and non-feminists.
So, I’m going to post the submission in its entirety and then I’d like people to post intelligent responses (agreement and disagreement) in the comments (or submit an entire response here) and I’ll repost the article in a week or so with the responses integrated into the post. It will be a cool experiment. Here we go:

It truly is amazing how things have “progressed” in this day and age.

For all of the advancements in science, technology, medicine, and various other things, it seems when it comes to the social foray, things have degenerated quite significantly. There is more hypersensitivity about…well…pretty much everything. For instance, bullying when I was younger was just a part of life, and we were always taught to stand up to bullies. Nowadays “don’t bully people” is plastered everywhere. I don’t know how much headway it is making, but I know that I think it is more effective to try to build someone up as opposed to trying to convince one particular mean-spirited person to discontinue their behavior, especially because there will potentially be another to take that person’s place…and another…and another.

The new methodology is to hide people from reality as oppose to letting them face it.

This brings me to my topic at hand. It has become painfully obvious that the men of society have made it so that women are hidden from many of the realities of the world. Men will often censor/belittle themselves, or avoid topics altogether so as to walk on eggshells around the women they come across. If a woman feels slighted in the most insignificant way, society has people (mostly men) falling over themselves to defend her honor. It’s so distracting that it can often become the new focal point during a discussion, and all other points become invalidated because one particular thing was offensive.

I have ventured through Thought Catalog, and I’ve seen very select articles that have completely exploded with comments, especially by comparison to the average ones that are viewed. But they always have to do with women being victims:

5 Things Women Need To Do In Their 20’s (Or Else The Suffragists Died For Nothing) – 1,700 Comments

13 Things A Woman Can Do To Be More Attractive To Men – 4,200 Comments

Dear Girls Who Are (Finally) Ready To Date Nice Guys: We Don’t Want You Anymore – 5,300 Comments

18 Things Females Seem To Not Understand Because Female Privilege – 9,500 Comments

I Look Down On Young Women With Husbands And Kids And I’m Not Sorry – 13,000 Comments

I’ve seen plenty of offensive articles that targeted men, racial minorities, the LGBTQ community, and even children that never saw remotely the sort of pitchfork mob mentality that arises when talked about women.

What speaks volumes about these articles is the sort of venom that is spewed from the female commenters and the men who supplicate them. It’s generally the typical go-to ad hominem insults: misogyny, small penis, can’t get laid, parent’s basement, mommy issues, neck beard, or fedora wearing. I am also a fan of when they get really descriptive of just how much they are offended, and of course “is this satire?”

This stuff is apparently just so off putting to women that they feel that the dialogue must be silenced, and the originator of the ideas should be “doxxed” and humiliated, if not completely drawn and quartered. They wonder why people do not want to use their real names?!?! Really? Why should we let have people’s immediate lives ruined and their futures compromised just because women were offended? Anything that even remotely challenges the fem-centric perspective is met with violent hostility.

It’s bothersome because of the inability to have an honest discussion about several very real topics due to the constant need to placate to the fem-centric perspective. We love to talk about how women were oppressed in the Anglosphere, but there have been plenty of terrible women in history, and some women have had significantly more power than an average gender studies class will ever allude to. The current legal system has a disgusting bias in women’s favor (only 15 women have been put to death since 1973, and women make up 2% of death sentences) and women receive twice as much funding for medical care as men (just watch a pro football game in October). Or, just a simple Google search; “women’s issues” will yield 322 million hits while “men’s issues,” “LGBT issues” and “children’s issues” will yield 26, 29, and 225 million hits respectively.

When 20 children die at Sandy Hook Elementary, things are largely forgotten after the initial buzz. When the Boston Marathon bombing resulted in 5 deaths, and 280 injuries, its again forgotten. But,
 when Elliot Rodger goes on his shooting spree killing 6 people, I still hear references to it (#yesallwomen). Even when something as seemingly forgettable as when Maria Kang asks “what’s your excuse?” It’s not seen as yet another fitspiration like so many of the other pictures found on Pinterest and Tumblr, it’s seen as fat shaming (mostly a middle class white women issue) and a reason for outrage.

It really puts into perspective how much of a protected class women of society really are. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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