8 Reasons To Quit Loving The Man Who Doesn’t Love You Back

Hayley Bouchard / flickr.com
Hayley Bouchard / flickr.com
Falling in love is involuntary. It happens to the best of us and oftentimes with someone who doesn’t love you back equally or, in my case, doesn’t love you at all. Unrequited love is hard to deal with, especially if it’s with a friend. You can neither cut this person out of your life, nor continue to keep them around.

These are eight reasons why my long lost brain has decided not to love you anymore…

1. When I felt down and needed encouragement, you told me how I was right in underestimating myself, as I would and could never amount to much.

2. For always calling me stupid. And actually making me believe I was. For ordering me around and expecting me to blindly agree to all of your orders. I’m happy to say I have decided I am not stupid and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it.

3. For never understanding that my love for you is not conditional. I would have loved you unconditionally if you had ever let me. I have loved you for a long time, picked you up when you felt down, and all you could ever do was accuse me of interfering in your life too much.

4. For making me feel wrong for loving you. Trust me, If I had had a choice in the matter? I would’ve never chosen to love you.

5. For never learning anything about me. For never understanding me or my actions, words or beliefs. For showing no interest in my past, my present or my future. And, for that matter, showing no interest in my existence itself.

6. For never being there when I needed you. For disappointing me whenever I let down my guard and asked you for something. Whether it was your physical presence or your emotional support, counting on you always led to disappointment.

7. For blaming me for everything wrong in your life. Whether it was your own, personal relationships failures or your own personal misgivings, it was somehow just always my fault.

8. For thinking that you could treat me cruelly and take me entirely for granted for the simple reason that you knew my love for you would never go away.

Quite simply put: I am done. And I feel free. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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