You Won’t Believe This, But A Movie Ruined My Marriage

image - Flickr / steve
image – Flickr / steve

Producer’s note: Someone on Quora asked: What is a true personal story that people have a hard time believing? Here is one of the best answers that’s been pulled from the thread.

I watched in a packed movie theatre in Union Square, a film with my wife making love to me, while thinking about her ex and about 400 people around me cringing.

Her ex happened to make the movie, it went on to win several film festivals, be nationally released, used Oscar winning talent. It showed their life together, before I came onto the scene and apparently wrecked their life together. He was so annoyed he made a film about the whole thing.

When the film was made, he used it to try to win back her heart, inviting her to press events and screenings and using the press to send messages to her. She didn’t respond to him.

So the film portrayed several years of their life together, a painful long distance relationship filled with trust issues, separation and heartbreak. With my ( or my representation) coming on to ruin everything.

The odd thing is that when the film came out, me and my then wife were living apart ( due to our careers) , and most of the film served to undermine our relationship and showcase a past I didn’t know about.

So to some extent this film ended up breaking us up, a film about her and her ex’s past, showed spotlights on to the reality of our present, which then went on to change our future. It’s all quite strange but a good story. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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