Just Like Any Religious Nut, Russell Brand Thinks His Opinion Is “The Truth”


In case you’re unaware, British actor and comedian Russell Brand has an internet ‘news’ show, where he puts up a new video every day [Monday to Friday], giving his thoughts on the latest news going on around the world. He calls it ‘The Trews’ and describes his channel as

‘True news, so you don’t have to invest any money in buying newspapers that charge you for the privilege of keeping your consciousness imprisoned in a tiny box of ignorance and lies.’

It’s clear that Russell has a thing for Fox News. It wouldn’t be over the top to say he hates it. A lot of the videos on his channel have clips from Fox News in them, and Russell comments on all the things they are doing wrong. For this very reason, his channel welcoming message is dishonest, because in it he states that the purpose of the channel is to analyze and dismantle media, when in reality it’s about analyzing and dismantling right wing media, with Fox News at the helm. It doesn’t bother me if that’s what he’s fighting for, but he should be more honest about it, rather than pretending that he’s going for the mainstream media as a whole.


If I was to adopt his style, I’d have to comment on his channel description in the following way [You have to imagine me speaking in a British accent that sounds just like him].

“Invest in buying newspapers? Russell, who invests in buying newspaper [laugh]? Not only that, but you don’t have to buy newspapers to get your news anymore [laugh again]. There is plenty of free news on the internet, so stop acting like you’re doing us a favour by supposedly giving us free news.”

I stumbled across this channel after witnessing a heated back and forth between Sean Hannity and Russell on Fox News [I believe it was on the front page of YouTube that day]. This led me to his mini news empire, where I saw many other videos, but as I mentioned before, I quickly realized that most of the video clips featured Fox News in them. It turns out this ‘Trews’ is not Russell looking at what is going on around the world and enlightening us on what the real deal is, it’s nothing more than him disagreeing with the way Fox News broadcast the news.

Here’s the most likely scenario for why this channel was even started:

One day Russell was sitting at home in his flip flop slippers, flicking through the channels on his television while his dog was lying next to him licking himself. At some point he channel hopped over to Fox News. Being the left winger he is and disagreeing with a lot of the stuff on there, he thought enough is enough and decided he’d make a channel pointing out all the flaws and bias that you see on this news network, hence ‘The Trews’ was born.

In reality, his channel should be called ‘deconstructing Fox News lies’ or something along those lines, since that’s what he thinks he’s doing. It’s all about Fox News, and has even led to reporters on that channel wasting broadcast time by attacking Russell, in turn only encouraging him to make more videos.

The trouble with this news revealing idea is that Russell seems to think he’s discovered or uncovered something. He is under the assumption that he’s pulling back the curtain and shocking his audience with what he’s found. What he doesn’t seem to understand is that there are many people who already hate Fox News and think just like him. For crying out loud there are websites on the internet who’s entire body of content is based around attacking right wing media such as Fox News. For every Drudge Report you get a Drudge Retort, for every Breitbart you have a Media Matters.

You haven’t uncovered anything Russell. You’re a celebrity with views on what is going on around you. By all means feel free to share them, I’m sure a lot of people are interesting in hearing what you have to say, since you’re a celebrity and the masses seem to care about celebrities opinions on things. It’s amazing isn’t it, the world he live in? People would rather watch what Russell Brand has to say on climate change, than an actual expert on climate change! The mentality is “I don’t know him, who cares what he has to say, even if he is an expert on the subject. Russell Brand is funny and in movies, I want to hear what he has to say about it.”

What Russell also doesn’t understand is that most [almost all] media outlets are biased. Fox News is a right wing news channel and yes, of course they’re biased, but only a fool would believe that CNN, MSNBC or even the BBC are not. In most cases people have views embedded in them already, from a fairly early age, and they choose the outlets that fit in with those views. People who watch Russell Brand already hold the views he holds. They haven’t discovered him and he hasn’t convinced them of anything – they’re simply fans of his. People who hate him [such as the entire cast of Fox News apparently], already disagreed with other people who shared his views in the past, now they hate him. It’s that simple.

So what’s the verdict? If you like to be entertained, the channel is useful. If you’re the left wing liberal type, it’s also useful. If you’re looking for the truth about what is really going on, look elsewhere, you won’t find any absolute truth here, just one man’s opinion. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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