7 Reasons Why We Aren’t Emotionally Ready For The 4th Season Of Scandal


It’s time pop that popcorn and get your abnormally large, red wine glass filled to the top because Scandal is returning for it’s 4th season. I think I can speak for all Scandal fans when I say that we aren’t emotionally ready for another season. I can’t even imagine what is going to happen this season. Who is going to die? Who is going to cheat on who? What random Pope relative is going to show up this time? So many questions! So here you go gladiators, the 7 reasons why we aren’t prepared to handle the 4th season of Scandal.

1. Harrison isn’t returning. Sorry if I just spoiled this for you but we all know his life was pretty much over after that season finale. I just don’t know how I can survive the tense situations of the show without his polka dot suspenders and striped ties. They really got me through the hard times.

2. Quinn and Charlie. Nothing good is going to come of this relationship and we all know it. Obviously I’m #teamhuck but the chances of them becoming official really aren’t that great, to be honest.

3. Olivia’s dad (AKA: Papa Pope) is still in charge. Why, cruel world, why? I thought the Popes were going to be able to go back to their awkward Sunday night dinners but in true Scandal fashion, I don’t think that’s happening.

4. Congrats to Fitz on another 4 years of being President but are we all really ready for the amount of stress this is going to cause between him and Mellie? More importantly are we ready for the amount of stress this is going to cause between Fitz and Olivia because we alllll know she’s going to go crawling back to him.

5. Jake is still in the picture, which you might like but I don’t want any part of it. I think it’s time for him to move on because Olivia was never really that into him. It’s hard to be into somebody who watches you on two TVs in his living room, though.

6. Speaking of Jake, Olivia is with Jake on a plane going to some unknown destination. Does this mean that Abby is going to try to take over Olivia Pope and Associates? That’s the last thing I could handle.

7. Most importantly we are going to have to watch Olivia Pope be perfect in her all neutral wardrobe and never spill a drop of red wine on herself! How does she do it? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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