14 Things You Should Do To Avoid Becoming The ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’

image - Flickr / Huw
image – Flickr / Huw

1. Give him space.

If he asks for space there is only one thing he wants, space. He does not want you texting him and calling him asking if he’s had enough time and if you can get back together now. He literally wants you to leave him alone, so leave him alone.

2. Stop texting/calling him.

Like I said right now he does not want you asking how his day was so stop with the “I’m just seeing how he’s doing,” If he wants to talk to you he will.

3. Stop drunk texting/calling him.

You are the annoying drunk ex girlfriend that is ruining his night out and simultaneously making a fool out of yourself. Stop.

4. Don’t talk to his friends.

It does not matter if you were friends with them before you broke up Do not ask his friends how he’s doing, do not ask about girls he’s hooked up with, do not ask if they think he still misses you. They will tell him, and he will think you’re psychotic.

5. Don’t hook up with his friends.

You will regret it even if he doesn’t find out.

6. Don’t hook up with his friend at the same party he is at.

Because now you are just another slut.

7. Don’t order chocolate cake takeout every night for a week.

One night is enough. Cry it out while you eat your feelings and watch the bachelor, but then get your ass on the treadmill the next morning, you’re single now.

8. Throw his stuff away.

Trust me delete it all, the texts, the pictures, the videos. Those late nights of looking at all of the pictures together just make you hurt and confused, they don’t do you any good. Get rid of his shirt you used to sleep in, stop wearing the scarf his mom bought you for Christmas.

9. Don’t be the pitiful puppy.

You can talk to your friends about what’s bothering you, but everyone who knows you shouldn’t know about the text he sent to you when he was drunk and how upset you are about it. Don’t mope around and say “Mike used to do that” or “that was Mike’s favorite,” people could not possibly care less if they tried and to them you are just the pouting girl they feel sorry for.

10. Stop thinking about him.

Easier said than done I know but it really will be the thing that makes it possible to move on. Stop thinking about every little fight you could have prevented, every bad day that probably drove him away. Don’t even think about the good things, how he laughed at your jokes or the way you felt when he would grab your hand. All of that’s gone, none of it can be changed, none of it can be brought back. Please try and accept that.

11. Delete that song from your playlist.

You know exactly what song I’m talking about. And when it plays on the radio refrain from telling the people you are with how it was “your song.”

12. Realize when it’s over. Even when you don’t want it to be over.

Especially when you don’t want it to be over.

13. Move on.

You’re allowed to be sad, a big part of your life, a huge part of your life and future literally just walked away. But now it’s gone and waiting for it to come back will only make things harder for yourself. Notice how this wasn’t titled “how to move on from your past relationship.” There are no set rules on how to move on and everyone does it differently. But one thing that’s true for everyone is that in order to move on you have to want to move on. And then you have to let yourself move on, and that is the disquieting enigma that we all come face to face with.

14. Get out of bed.

There is absolutely no point to wake up, go to class, live your life, right? Except for the fact that your whole entire future is dependent on it. So get out of bed, I can tell you that much, that getting out of bed is the first step to moving on. Get up and do something, join a club, volunteer, ace that test. Spend time with your friends and family and really be there in the moment and appreciate all that you have in your life. Do something for yourself and do something that makes you happy, you deserve it more than anyone. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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