9 Signs You’re Getting More Comfortable In Your Relationship

image - Flickr / Renate Flynn
image – Flickr / Renate Flynn

The beginning of a relationship is like an interview. Just as there’s no way in hell you’ll confess that you’re not really an excel wizard, you’re sure as hell not going to admit that your room isn’t pristine all the time. It’s not lying. It’s just…putting your best face forward.

But in time, your best behaviors will fade and you’ll revert back to your natural state.

Here are 9 signs it’s already happening to you:

1. Indoors, you live in your sweatpants

You might have opted for yoga pants the first time you and your SO curled up for a movie, but the return of your cotton friends was inevitable. Movies—and every in-home activity—are just better in sweats.

2. You’ve stopped folding your towel

The first time you took a shower at your boyfriend’s house, you probably folded his towel neatly over the railing. But as soon as you were confident he wouldn’t think you were a rude slob if you didn’t, the behavior was long gone. You’re utilizing the three seconds it took you to fold your towel much better elsewhere now, anyway.

3. He hears you pee…cause you left the door open

You used to be unwilling to go to the bathroom when the BF was anywhere in the vicinity, but now you confuse him with your best friend, who is unduly privy to all your bodily functions.

4. You’ve stopped caring for shaving

You did your due diligence and made sure your legs didn’t feel like George Clooney’s face the first time your boyfriend touched them, but then the task got to be too much. He can deal–you’re conserving water and defying pesky social norms.

5. Your car is filled with Starbucks cups

Do you let empty cups and wrappers stack up in the back seat of your car? Hey, it happens to (almost) everyone. But chances are, you gave your car a deep clean before your SO climbed in for the first time. Now your ride is back to housing odd bits of trash that you don’t invest minimal effort to remove.

6. Your undies cohabitate the washing machine

Women have two types of underwear: underwear that is supposed to be seen, and underwear that isn’t. Before, your never-to-be-seen-by-anyone panties hid at the bottom of the drawer, now they’re floating around with his boxers.

7. You snap at them like you only do with family

You didn’t let anything annoy you (or at least didn’t show it) at the beginning of your relationship. But now, when they’re chewing their food too loudly or tapping their foot excessively, they’re going to know it.

8. Long silences don’t induce a state of panic

Silences were a red flag before; you feared they were a sign of incompatibility. But now, long silences don’t set off alarms in your head. You’re comfortable with silence, and even welcome it when you’re together.

9. You pop each other’s zits

Questionable. You might want to consider rewinding. But congrats, you’re probably on the track for marriage! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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