10 Little-Known Perks Of Having Acne

After sixth-grade-you is over the pain of braces, and seventh-grade-you realizes that yes, you do in fact need to wear deodorant, eighth-grade-you just may be lucky enough to gain some new friends who will literally never leave your side…or your face for that matter. The prepubescent posse that landed on your face normally carries a bad rep, and years of complaining, or even bullying. Their nickname is zit, their full name is pimple, and their crew name is acne. But when we start to look at our bottle of Clearasil as half-full, rather than half-empty, there are plenty of unacknowledged, unrecognizable bonuses to rolling with your posse of pimples.

1. Dermatologist appointments are the perfect way to play hard-to-get.

Have you ever liked someone who seemed like they were always busy, probably out in the world somewhere, undoubtedly having a good time? Your acne can help you be that person! By the time you’re out of the waiting room and your dermatologist examines you for only 3 minutes, you’ve wasted a solid two hours of your life. That’s two hours your crush doesn’t have to know you spent waiting for a tube of epiduo. Maybe you were “out with a friend”, or just “ran into an old flame”-keep ‘em guessing.

2. Bad scars hold the potential to become good stories.

If you ever find yourself surrounded by thirty really sweaty partygoers, parading around with their red solo cups, and are looking for a good drunk conversation starter, acne scars can be your answer. I had someone approach me at a party once to ask me about a scar I have on my leg. Hey, it was something different, and I obviously remember it! Come up with a cute story for your scar. Or draw it into a lighting bolt like Harry Potter’s. Either way works.

3. Acne can lead to safe sex.

And by safe sex, I don’t mean no sex. A lot of girls take birth control because it can help clear up their skin. Have a couple zits, but don’t want your mom knowing how Thirsty Thursday really ends? Acne is the perfect excuse for some birth control that can be graciously gifted to you, along with your parents consent.

4. Wise individuals will be nicer to you.

So, you had some acne in middle school. You were picked on, and most likely asked if someone could play connect the dots on your face. A couple years pass, your acne clears up, and the same people who picked on you are suddenly attracted to you. You’re going to remember the people who were nice to you, who stuck up for you, or who never judged you based on something you couldn’t help. And the suckers who weren’t smart enough to realize that you were bound to outgrow your acne can stare at you, wishing you were into them. You may have lost a battle, but they lost the whole war.

5. It could really just look like a cute mole.

If you’re at the right place, at the right time, magical things can occur. If you have the perfect pimple, in the perfect spot, magical things can also happen for you…like your pimple could actually look like a really cute mole! Angelina Jolie has one above her eyebrow. Rachel McAdams has one on her chin. I’d say those girls are attractive, no?

6. Proactiv commercials have meaning.

It doesn’t matter if Jessica Simpson is saying it, Adam Levine is saying it, Justin Bieber is saying it, or any other model is saying it- Proactiv commercials are long and monotonous — that is, to the individuals who don’t need the product. You may hear your friends complain about commercials, but at least you have a commercial to watch that actually poses a reasonably-priced solution to your problem.

7. Built-in excuses.

Does finals week have you anxious? Is work getting a little hectic? Is the girl you’ve been seeing bothering you because she wants you to put a label on what you guys are? Stress acne can come from any of these things. Stress acne can also be a lovely excuse for a day off, a trip to the spa, a much-needed vacation, the list goes on- take advantage of your pimples.

8. You have something to look forward to.

You put toothpaste on your zit before bed, and you have something to look forward to the next day — a.k.a., the hope that you arise with this pimple gone.

9. You have your own cult.

Anytime you feel left out, judged, or alone because of your acne, you have to remember that you legitimately have your own acne-fighting cult. There are dermatologists, YouTube videos, Tumblrs, and makeup brands that are all dedicated to helping you solve any epidermal problems you may face.

10. Exfoliators can be fun and tasty.

‘Night in with your girls’ can mean face masks. There are plenty of face masks in all different colors, textures, scents, and (yes, really) tastes nowadays, that this can be an enjoyable activity. Make your own face mask that can double as dip for your chip. Anything is possible if you just have acne. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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