My Best Friend Doesn’t Know I’m The One That’s Leaving Mean Anonymous Comments On Her Blog


My best friend’s name is “Karen.” We’ve been friends since college when we met through a bunch of other girls and became very close. We loved each other and our relationship was fun and easy. But that didn’t last long. I started to notice Karen had this annoying personality quirk where she needed other people to think her life was perfect. She was always dieting and buying new clothes and posting perfectly manufactured photos on social media.

It’s annoying because I know the real Karen, not the Karen that appears on all these other sites. Most of the people who comment on her photos aren’t even her real friends. She never talks to those girls and the guys are the ones she laughs about later. Like, “ewwww Justin commented on my Insta again today, he’s such a stalker and it’s so creepy!” And, everyday when her “creepy stalkers” come up I just change the subject. She posts sexy photos and when they illicit the reaction she intends, she’s full of faux outrage, I can’t talk sense into her.

Anyways, this year Karen’s new years resolution was to start a fitness blog because “everyone asks her how she has such a great physique.” Note: I am around her constantly and no one has ever asked her this. She has a great body, but she hasn’t work a day in her life for it. It was gifted to her from god, not something she can give advice about and help other people get. I don’t think I’ve seen her do so much as a sit-up.

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But she invaded the Nike store on a shopping tip and got some Lululemons and pretty much started copying every other lifestyle blog out there. And, to be completely fair, her blog is 75% selfies anyways. But by virtue of the photos, it’s starting to become pretty popular — and Karen knows it. Now whenever we hang out she talks about her “fans” and how they are sooooo demanding of her. I really can’t stand it.

So, one night when I was drunk I was hate reading her blog and I left some choice comments anonymously. Drunk words, sober thoughts, right?

I woke up and I kind of felt sick about it, but I thought more about it the better I felt. Good, I thought, maybe this will take her ego down a peg.

I started leaving comments on every article and I’ve been doing it for months now, sometimes from different fake Disqus accounts, and a bunch from the same anonymous one. I don’t want to lose her as a friend I just want her to snap out of this intense ego trip she’s on. What better way to do that than to show her that not everyone is buying into her fantasy land? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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