A Girl Is Filing False Charges Against Me, She Doesn’t Know Her Friend Sent Me Evidence She Made It All Up


Let me start by saying that raping or attacking women is wrong. I know that. All men know that.

Anyways, I was at a party a few months ago. It was big, lots of people I didn’t know along with a group of guys I’ve known since forever. We all have each others backs. Now, I’m just getting out of a year relationship at this point and most guys would be looking for some strange but this girl really gut-punched me and honestly I just wanted to get trashed with my friends and forget girls existed for a few hours. It sounds strange for a man to not go to a party looking for sex but you haven’t met my ex.

So, immediately there’s this girl who won’t leave me alone. Great, never happens when I want it to. She’s not bad looking or anything just, like I said, not in the mood. But she’s puppy dogging me and following me around, touching my arms, generally not getting the hint that i’m kind of looking past her and not interested. More drinking ensues.

Well, somehow this girl and I end up in a room together. She basically attacks me and forces her tongue down my throat. I’m a lot bigger than her so I simply remove her and hold her at an arms length and say “can’t you take a hint?” I was kind of rustled at that point, why wouldn’t she just go find someone else to bug.

“What’s your problem, are you gay?”

“No, I just don’t feel like it.”

“I think you’re gay.”

“Uh maybe I’m just not attracted to you did you ever think of that?”

The minute those words left my mouth I knew I was a fucking dumbass for lashing out like that. Not because it wasn’t entirely true but because girls go bezerk when you say stuff like that. Sure enough shit hits the fan. She’s screaming at me about how I should be happy to get a girl like her and I’m probably retarded from all the growth hormone I inject (no idea where she got this shit from). AND THEN comes the icing on the cake, “I can ruin your life you know, you don’t know who you’re dealing with.” I think she expected me to grovel or apologize at this point but I was just bored, playing with my phone while she blocked the door. “I could say you attacked me, I could say you raped me and everyone here would believe me.”

Well, that got my attention because I’ve seen this happen before and I’m not going to get into who was right or who was wrong but throwing around this kind of shit ruins people’s lives.

I’m sufficiently freaked out at this point and it overrules my trying to be a gentlemen so I move to the door. She stands in front of it trying to keep me from leaving (and in no other circumstance would I do this) so I had to push her to the side to get out.

I go back to the kitchen where my buddies are and I’m completely sober at this point from having to deal with this girl. I tell them what she said to me and we decide to leave. We drive to a diner in town and grab some food and laugh about how shitty that place was. The guy with the hook up to the party starts getting text messages from another girl, this girls friend apparently, who is demanding to know what happening, asking if I attacked her and how dare he bring someone like this to her party. Now, my buddy is kinda banging this girl so he tells her to come to the diner and we’ll all figure it out. She shows up and I apologize for being rude and explain what happened, to my surprise her reaction was “Yeah, Amanda is kinda like that.” And we all laugh and get back to eating.

But this girl, Sara, kept getting text messages from the girl at the party, Amanda. Basically what happened next is that Sara confronted Amanda and said she was with us and I seem fine. Amanda reneges saying okay, but he was an asshole and we should “take him down” so that he doesn’t treat women this way in the future. She was legit trying to hatch a plan to file false charges against me while I was sitting next to this girl (who, good on her for being able to see through her friend). I get her to take screencaps of all the texts and send them to me before we all go home.

Next day I’m up and at the police station and I speak with someone and explain what happened and show them the texts messages and ask what I should do. They say nothing, she hasn’t filed charges so she hasn’t done anything criminal but if she does there would need to be evidence in the first place and if I hadn’t done anything they wouldn’t have that in the first place. They also tell me, and I’m thinking they’re on my side at this point, that if she does file false charges, she can get in trouble for that, or I could also take it to civil court as that’s fairly damaging to my reputation.

I’m not usually one to make a big fuss but at this point if she does anything crazy I’m thinking I’m going to go after her just to save however many people in the future from her crazy antics. She’s got to learn a lesson at some point. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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