7 Ways To Get Over A Guy


So, he broke your heart. Or, at the very least, he hurt you. The one who promised he wasn’t like every other guy – or at least made himself seem that way – turned out to be just like every other guy. So what now? How do you bounce back? In seven steps, you’ll be as good as new.

1. Feel your emotions. As cheesy as this sounds, it’s important. You’re hurt. You’re mad. You’re sad. You’re disappointed. Feel it. Don’t run from how you feel, embrace it. Having feelings and emotions doesn’t make you crazy; it makes you human. Maybe those emotions end up coming out in the form of a good ole fashion ugly cry. Forget putting on the mascara – it’ll just run. Let it out, girl. Because when you’re done, you’ll feel better.

2. Don’t answer. Don’t favorite his tweets. Don’t like his Facebook posts. Don’t answer his calls. Don’t text him when your girls take you out for a girl’s night on the town. Just don’t. You have to allow yourself some space to heal, and letting him occupy that space will do nothing to help you move on.

3. Eat. I know that people will say you shouldn’t eat your feelings, and that’s true. I know that if you make this a habit, it can be bad for your health. So long as you aren’t using this as your only coping mechanism for your feelings, eat that pint of ice cream and don’t even think about looking at the calorie count.

4. Sweat it out. Go for a run, do yoga, ride a bike. Whatever you love to do that makes you get out of your bed and move. Run yourself out of the funk. Do it not because you suddenly want to be super thin and show him what he’s missing, do it because your body was made to move. Do it because it’ll give your mind something new to think about. Do it because you’ll feel good when it’s done.

5. Do something for you. Get a mani/pedi, paint, watch a movie, take a hot bath. Whatever you want to do that makes you feel good about you, then do that.

6. Now that you’ve wallowed in your sadness long enough, you’ve told all your friends and mom and sisters about the tragedy of your life, it’s time for you to do something for someone else. Volunteer, call your grandma, babysit for free for a Mom who needs a day off. Make a positive difference in someone else’s life. Go to the animal shelter and walk dogs. You can’t be sad and play with puppies; it just doesn’t work.

7. Focus your energy on all the positive relationships in your life. Close friends, siblings, cousins, whoever. Put your effort and energy into relationships that bring good, positive vibes into your life. You’re done with the toxic ones that make you feel bleh. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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