6 Reasons Why I Love The LGBTQ Community

image - Flickr / Guillaume Paumier
image – Flickr / Guillaume Paumier

1. Because who gives a crap? Who you are and who you sleep with is your personal business and everyone should take their craps, wrap them up in a box and throw them elsewhere when it comes to the LGBTQ community.

2. The LGBTQ community is beautiful — I went to the World Pride Parade in Toronto and the place was filled with so much love and happiness I wanted to melt. The dancers, the queens, the artists, the painters, the singers. It made me ecstatic to know that the beauty of the community was being represented.

3. Love is Love – The famous motto of the LGBTQ community. You have the right to be who you are and love who you want to love. Love isn’t something we wake up and choose it’s something we feel and it should never being condemned. The very act of despising such love equates to hate so why not just accept that love is universal?

4. The people are amazing – Have you ever had a conversation with someone from the LGBTQ community? It’s amazing to hear their stories, witness their strength and listen to their battles with themselves and the world. They are the most friendly, lively, down-to-earth people I’ve ever met. They’ve surpassed the irritating human phenomenon of giving a crap about what people think and I for one think it’s pretty awesome.

5. Every girl should have a GBF — Girls are naturally drawn towards having a GBF. It’s like all the perks of having a guy friend and getting the scoop on the inner world of guys without worrying about the guy falling for you. You can go wild and let your inner diva out, cry about all your silly problems, let them take you shopping and know that you’re in good hands.

6. Genetics is real If we could only take time to sit and understand the actual genetics and biology involved then we can truly appreciate the honesty of the situation. As a Neuroscience and Biochemistry student, I understand that genetics, hormonal changes during birth, brain structure, the suppressing of receptors and a whole bunch of scientific terminology I won’t bother to dive into, all play a role in the dynamic of the LGBTQ community. So please, before you point fingers, mock or judge, consider that there is something larger at play here.

So cheers to the LGBTQ community for keeping it real and being fabulous! Simply fabulous! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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