5 Reasons Every Babe Should Work At A Tech Startup

Potential Husbands

Bad Teacher

There are more potential husbands per capita at tech startups then in any other industry. I know you might be thinking “ewww nerds”. But, honey, this is 2014. One day they are nerds, and then the next day they graduate from Stanford, get a Jaguar, a spray tan & a Nobel prize. Who’s every cheerleader’s dream now?

Dress Code

Sex and the City

While your friends have to go to work wearing grey pressed suits, you can roll around the office wearing skimpy skirts like some gorgeous babe in France in the 1960s.
Or better! You know how they say “dress for the job you want, not the job you have”. Well I can dress as if I’m at freakin’ Coachella every day, because I want my life to be one big festival.

Extra money from your parents          


The Simple Life

Given that I’m in my mid 20s, the fact that I keep buying skimmed caramel Frappuccino on my dad’s visa isn’t really socially acceptable anymore. Well, it actually is, as I work at a tech start-up! There’s this fabulous belief in our society that all entrepreneurs are starving. Make sure that you parents not only naively think so, but also understand that by supporting such essential needs of yours as frapuccino/gin&tonic/nailpolish they are investing into your future.

Geeks will do anything for you

Jimmy Kimmel Show

Even if you could sum up your knowledge of tech by “oh my god, I like LOVE Instagram”, chances are that your colleagues might know a tad more. A smile or two, maybe a little wink at those tech boys, and suddenly all your contacts are neatly backed up in the cloud and you have all these amazing apps installed that none of your friends has heard off. Yet!


Gossip Girl


This or whatever else your life goal might be. An 8am-5pm job ain’t gonna cut it. But there’s a chance that you will be able to afford it once your tech start-up completely revolutionizes the Internet and you sell your shares! Carpe diem and follow your dream a.k.a. a walk-in-closet! Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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