25 Awesome Perks Of Having A Big Sister

image - Flickr / yesfuture
image – Flickr / yesfuture

1. It is possible to talk forever – I don’t know how it’s possible but you can talk about every possible thing for hours until its 4 a.m. but you’re still croaking under the covers struggling to stay awake to get the last word in.

2. You have your own language — It’s weird how that happens but whenever you’re together you talk in this whispered yet fast paced jabber that no one else seems to hear our understand. You can stand in the middle of a crowd and have the most intense conversation without anyone even getting the chance to catch a word.

3. You tend to isolate — You always cling to each other at awkward family functions, social gatherings or anything that involves other people. You’re like one pea in one single pod, adjoined at the hip. You tend to go into our own world oblivious of the people around.

4. Bathroom buddies — You can go to the bathroom together. I know girls always go as a group but she’s the only one you can go in the same stall with if there’s a huge lineup and patiently wait your turn without feeling in the least bit awkward.

5. Two closets — You’ll always have two closets to choose from. And even if her foot is a size 6, she’ll always buy a half size up so you can squeeze your huge loafs into them.

6. Three-legged race — You’d always win the three legged races without a doubt. It’s like you were always in sync. I guess the adjoined hip wasn’t as metaphorical as I thought.

7. Maid-of-Honor — You never have to go through the task of selecting a maid of honor. It’s not even a choice if you have a sister.

8. Brutal honesty — She will always give you the most excruciating bits of honesty anyone can ask for. Yes, there is an icky green thing stuck in your teeth or don’t wear that pants cause it makes your butt look flatter than it already is.

9. Hand-me-downs — From clothes, books, cheat sheets, exam notes/tips- basically everything she slaved over was handed to me on a silver platter. It’s also the life lessons and the mistakes she made first that showed you what to do and what not to do; so thank you for always selflessly being the guinea pig and never hesitating to share what you’ve learnt.

10. #1 Cheerleader – She’s always the one in the first row at every award ceremony you’ve ever been to or snapping pictures eagerly in your direction for every graduation celebration. She’s your #1 fan.

11. Partners in crime — You’d never go down without a fight and if you’re the one in trouble, she’d be sure to have your back. If someone ever hurt or wronged you in any way, they made enemies out of the both of you. Heck she’d even help you hide the body without asking any questions.

12. Your own personal beauty coach — She will spend hours teaching you how to shade your eyes or perfect a cat-eye and at the same time, you’d get my nails done for every occasion. It’s like she knows all the tricks; how to avoid razor bumps, how to get rid of under-eye darkness or how to get rid of scars. What else could a girl possibly need?

13. Your own doctor — She’ll always know if what’s wrong with you and try to make it better. From hot water bottles to bowls of soup – your big sister will nurse you back to health.

14. Role Model — You’ll always have someone to look up to, pave the way and teach you all the important things you need to know. If you ever screw up, she’ll be the first person you’ll run to and trust me, she will burn the candles at both end to find a solution.

15. Best Photographer — She’ll always take the best pictures and know exactly how your hair should be fixed, or how your body should be positioned so you won’t look like a frumpy cat with frizzy hair. You can trust her to take your pictures any day.

16. Never-ending best friend — You know how some friendships eventually fizzle out and fade away? Your sister will always be a part of your life. Regardless of how much times you fight and wait patiently for the other one to make the first move to get back “normal,” in the end, you’ll always be best friends. You’ll learn that no fight lasts forever.

17. Life coach — She’ll teach you everything from how to get on birth control, how to handle boys, how to use your first tampon. You name it. There isn’t anything that’s too embarrassing for her to handle. She’s seen it all.

18. Icky fighter – She is a great fighter of anything that is icky – from the zit on your forehead to the pouring gash on your knee. No icky is too disturbing for her to handle. If you’ve got some weird disturbing abnormal bump somewhere, she’s the first one you can run to, to have it thoroughly examined.

19. Inside jokes — Besides having your own language, you have your own funny words and phrases and inside jokes that no one else will get except the both of you. It’s like having a life time of memories just bundled up in a huge memory box that you can both draw from at any time.

20. Twins – You never get tired of people calling you twins especially since Mom made the two of you dress spectacularly identical in huge frocks and flowery hats when you were younger. You have almost the same voice and laugh and take pride in knowing that someone else is as weird as you are.

21. A deep understanding — Face it, she’s the ONLY one who will ever understand every little piece of your life story and the only one who knows what the two of you went through from the hard times to the good times.

22. Telepathy — Yeah it’s definitely a real thing – you know how Lilly and Marshall from HIMYM have conversations through their eyes – well it’s kind of like that. You’ll always know what the other one was thinking and telepathically read each other’s mind. There’s always that “OMG I was nowwwwww going to tell you that.”

23. Gift giver — You don’t even have to be afraid of faking a smile when you open her Christmas gift of birthday present- you know that she’ll either get you exactly what you asked for or choose something amazing on her own. She’d also be the one to throw you an amazing party or hint at your boyfriend to remember to bring you flowers on your birthday.

24. United Parental Front — She’ll help you sneak boys in the house, sneak yourself out, hide a pair of pajamas under the step for when you sneak yourself back in, have you on speed dial if your parents wake up and transform into a pathological liar if you get caught. Every war was won because she’d never falter or give away your position.

25. Never alone — You’re never alone and you never will be alone. You’ll always have that one constant, someone you can stay at home with and watch TV series, travel around the globe with, and eventually grow old with. And if the two of you are apart for a long time, when you reunite it’ll be as if you never left. You’re stuck with her for a lifetime but you won’t have it any other way. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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