20 Questions For The Guy Who Cheated On Me And Broke My 20-Year-Old Heart


1. Was she more beautiful than you told me I was?

2. Did she have big boobs, a perfectly flat stomach, and cellulite-free legs?

3. Did you make the first move?

4. Did you even wish that I had been visiting you that night?

5. Did you not love me enough?

6. Was I not good enough for you?

7. Was I texting you while you were courting her?

8. While you were with her was I texting you that I missed you and that I couldn’t wait to be with you again?

9. Were you even that drunk?

10. Did you kiss her cheeks, lips, neck, and stomach the way you used to kiss me?

11. Did you wake up excited to cheat on me once again?

12. Did you just completely forget that I existed?

13. Did you wish you weren’t dating me anymore?

14. Was everything you ever told me about how happy you were to be with me, and only me, a complete lie?

15. If I hadn’t read your phone that one time, would you have never told me you cheated?

16. Do you have any idea how much hurt you’ve caused not only me but the people who love me the most?

17. Did you really think I wouldn’t find out?

18. Was it worth losing the girl you said was your whole world, the girl who you saw yourself being with forever?

19. How could you ever do something so horrendous to the person who loved you unconditionally and did everything she could to make you happy?

20. Do you realize you’ve lost the best damn thing that’s ever happened to you? Because you will. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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