10 Ways To Pull Off “The Kate Middleton” (Or, 10 Ways To Win Your Prince Back)

After a breakup or a “break,” there is a series of repetitive behaviors that girls may engage in. I personally call this the “K.M.” after the inspiring Kate Middleton herself showed girls everywhere what it takes to win the Prince back. The story (via Lifetime) goes that William and Kate split up and she was absolutely devastated. She lay in bed all day until her mother eventually convinced her to go out and live her life which was exactly what she did. Her behavior or the K.M. began working like a charm, wrapping it’s tendrils around Prince William who almost immediately began to gravitate towards her until eventually; they were right back where they were meant to be. It took her a mere 10 weeks give or take to win the Prince back. Whether or not this happened, it’s at least some version of the truth. So hold your chin up and keep that smile on- here’s what it takes to pull off the K.M.
Shaun Jeffers / Shutterstock.com
Shaun Jeffers / Shutterstock.com

1. Cry – Wallow in your sorrows for a day or two. You’re allowed to be the girl buried in the sheets, eating a pint of ice-cream and blubbing over cheesy movies. Get it out of your system. The K.M. has no time for this so it allows you a mini-binge before you can start.

2. No pity – Stop feeling sorry for yourself, blaming yourself or worse yet telling all your friends what’s wrong with him. Don’t subject yourself to the “break-up,” pity or inform the whole world about your problems. This sort of behavior repels the K.M.

3. No status updates – Don’t rush to be the first one changing your status, updating some excerpt of a song that you’re pretending is not directed at him when really it spells out your life-story. No tweet about your depression and no pic-quote on IG.

4. Get out of the house – Don’t hide from the world. Get out there, the K.M. is ready to begin its charm.

5. Be sexy – Wear whatever makes you feel comfortable but sexy. The legend of the K.M. states that “her dresses grew shorter, her tops lower.” It worked for Kate but everyone is different so I’m not saying to dress in tiny pieces of leftover scraps from the fabric store but we all know what makes us look and feel sexy so whatever it is, go for it.

6. Hit every possible event – Go to the clubs you’ve never been to, the charity events, the art galleries, the music gardens, the dog exhibitions. Go any and everywhere and make sure you’re photographed while you’re at it. It may not be the same as the paparazzi snapping Kate’s picture every time she gets out of the cab but you’ve got friends, they’ve got cameras, and a lil selfie never hurt nobody!

7. Fitness first – You’re not doing it for him or the next guy. You’re doing it for yourself. So join a dragon boat racing crew for a charity challenge like Kate or hit the gym with a few buddies. No more ice-cream or candy cravings.

8. Don’t show it – Whatever you do, don’t frown or let your confidence waver. You are strong and you deserve the best so don’t forget that for a second. The K.M. is never weak so even if your heart is shredding away or you feel like your life is in shambles, just hold it in. Emanate that sense of independence and happiness.

9. Make him sweat – It is written that William, upon seeing this independent, outgoing Kate called her and sometimes the music was too loud and she had to cut the call or maybe she was too busy but whatever it was, she didn’t immediately scuttle into his arms. Don’t blatantly ignore the guy but if he does appear to be crawling back, the K.M. insists that we take it slow.

10. Make your choice – If the time is right and he comes flying back to you as the K.M. predicts, then it’s up to you to make the choice. You can jump in that lake and swim across to William and accept his hand or you can choose differently. It’s up to you- by practicing the K.M. you have already changed the course of your life.

It’s not about wearing short sexy clothes, partying and lifting weights at the gym. The K.M. is deeper than that- it allows you to embrace your own independence, to be sexy in your own skin, to maintain your physical and mental health and to live your life happily regardless of a broken heart.

Most guys tend to get scared when the girl becomes clingy or when things are getting serious but it’s the very idea that he can lose the girl or that the girl can exist perfectly without him that usually clicks the very last bit of info in his mind and solidifies the ultimate fact that he doesn’t just want her. He needs her.

Pulling the K.M. shows that you’re not just waiting for the guy to come back; it’s making him see through a different lens, the person you are without him and making him miss the person he is with you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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