This Is How We All Deal With Pain


“I don’t know what to do. It just hurts too much.”

“Just cry.”

I remember when crying was the first thing we ran to when we were hurt, what we sprinted to when something disastrous happened, and what we fell into during excruciating emotional pain. Sitting in the corner of the room and submerging your eyes into anything to hold your tears was the sight of what was comfortable and what was right. And, the only thing that helped us to a slow smile and wipe our tears was a hug from anyone who cared.

It’s different now.

So many of us run away into the pits of compulsive behaviors as bingeing, bulimia, alcoholism, gambling, and anything else to distract us from the hurt. These become are running sessions where we can escape for a short while and then come back when we sweat it out.

It’s different now.

We sprint to our pill bottles that have or have not been subscribed or legalized by any measures. It is these bottles that make the disastrous into a metaphor, unrealistic, and a dream that we forget when we close our eyes.

It’s different now.

We fall into our graves when we feel excruciating pain. We use our hands and our bodies to make ourselves physically bleed. Some do it publicly others do it behind closed doors, others do enough to release tiny bits of pain under their clothes, and others fall into so much that their souls now float somewhere around us.

It’s different now.

Crying is now the way of the old times, because the days where we could rely on someone to find us, hear us, and hug us long enough for us to stand up from the corner of the room – is long gone. The idea of support and the random love for people that reach out is something of a mystery. We need to go back to the old times.

We need to make it clear that it’s okay to cry, it’s okay to weep, it’s okay to pour out your soul to the world – because someone out there – anyone – will find you, listen to you, and hold you with so much love and support.

To those in pain I promise you that there are people out there; supporters who will reach out, who are ready to give you love, who are there for you – because they know it’s okay to cry. These supporters just need to be more vocal and unafraid to show themselves.

Till then, it’ll just be different.

Till then, this is how we deal with our pain. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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