I Was Almost Murdered After Walking Into An Abandoned House In Detroit


It was around 3 am when I entered the abandoned house. I broke the lock on the front door quite easily and tip-toed my way into the hallway using my flashlight to light the way. Surprisingly, the floors had no dust on it, like you would with typical abandoned houses. Looking around the abandoned house, I noticed an abandoned full-length mirror propped up against a wall, facing what it appeared to be entrance of the abandoned dining room. I walked in front of it and attempted to call spirits using a spell that a medium had taught me long ago. Nothing.

So I walked up the abandoned staircase and entered one of the abandoned rooms. When I entered, I felt an immediate change in the air. Holy shit, I thought. I looked around in the dark and saw two figures. I was petrified. The stillness of the moment overwhelmed by senses.

I slowly built up the courage to move my legs and inched out of the room. Once in the hallway, I sighed in relief. Were those dead bodies? Fear chilled my veins. I thought it would be a good idea to see if these bodies were really dead. I crept back into the abandoned room where the two figures were and I held my flashlight above the male figure’s body. I tried to calm myself down and counted down to three in my head. I closed my eyes and hit it with all my strength.

It screamed. Oh shit. The man started shouting in pain and crying for someone. I realized then that these were a homeless couple sleeping in this abandoned bed. The homeless man started screaming at me and the now-awake homeless woman began hitting me. She kicked and scratched at me, but I hit her with the flashlight and I managed to run down the stairs. Their homeless kids started asking for their homeless parents and started crying. I saw that there were keys by the front door and grabbed them. Lucky for me, there were an abandoned sedan out the abandoned house. The homeless family were screaming at me from their abandoned house. I entered the abandoned vehicle and used the abandoned keys. To my surprise, the car came to life. I revved the engines of the abandoned car and sped out of the homeless family’s abandoned driveway.

I’m very fortunate to be alive to tell this story. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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