21 Everyday Things That Can Totally Freak You Out


1. YOUR WHOLE NAME – When someone calls you by your entire name. It may not be for a horrid reason in particular but every time someone ditches my nickname and hails out my full name, I get that brief wave of “Oh crap what did I do now.”

2. LOST AND FOUND – That split second where you’re scrambling all over the bed or in your purse for your wallet, phone or keys is enough to make your heart stop.

3. AFRAID OF THE DARK? – When you’re all cozy in bed and you realize you have to take a leak or turn off a light you find yourself scuttling ferociously back into your bed after the deed is done. It’s something about taking off a light and running in pitch darkness that makes you envision the absolute worst.

4. 10 MORE MINUTES – When you’re writing an exam and the Prof says “10 more minutes,” and your hand starts scribbling these weird nonsensical words and shapes in an effort to try to finish the paper on time.

5. THE ALLEYWAY – When you find yourself walking through a deserted alley and your mind starts playing tricks on you; your heart flutters, you start speed walking and although no one is peeping out from the bushes or stalking you from behind, you just can’t shake that creepy feeling.

6. THE RESULTS – Getting the results is actually not as bad as the never ending wait for the result. Those milliseconds right before your S.A.T. results to pop up on the screen or the words on your pregnancy test to stabilize, can be the longest heart wrenching seconds of your life.

7. UNKNOWN NUMBER – Whenever a blocked or unknown number calls and you always envision a million and one things before you even pick the phone up.

8. THAT TEXT – The “We need to talk,” text message or the “I have something to tell you,” is enough to give you a serious myocardial infarction! (Heart attack just didn’t cut it for this level of fear!)

9. GETTING CAUGHT – When someone grabs your phone or snatches your computer and you’re logged into every possible account. Regardless of if you’re hiding anything on your multiple devices, it can still make you squirm.

10. PROFILE CREEPING – When you’re creeping someone’s Instagram profile and you accidentally almost double tap the photo or press “Add as a friend.” Those brief seconds can take your breath away!

11. MYSTERIOUS KNOCK? – When you’re home alone and you’re not expecting anyone and you hear a knock on the door. It literally makes me want to pick up the couch and hold it over my head in case I have to throw it at an imaginary intruder.

12. AIRPLANE BUMP – When you’re on an airplane and there is a slight hiccup or turbulence bump and you start gripping the seat wondering if it really is a floating device and secretly wishing you paid attention to the air hostess explaining how to put the oxygen masks on.

13. GUY PHOBIA – When you’re walking next to a group of drunk guys in the middle of the night and you mentally start practicing your taekwondo or clutching your pepper spray- Yeah, they’re probably just going to cat call and heckle you but it still doesn’t stop your sweaty palms and rapid heartbeat!

14. LAST MUFFIN – When you see the last muffin you want in Starbucks but there are three people ahead of you and you keep praying silently that they aren’t going to take your muffin away.

15. CROWD PHOBIA – When you have to do anything in front of a large group of people – Dance, give a speech, sing – your heart beat can get so ridiculously loud you wonder if it will interfere with your performance.

16. PICK ME — If you’re waiting to get chosen for a sports team or even America’s Next Top Model or Miss Universe and you basically feel like a wobbly bowl of jelly waiting for the person to call your name.

17. THE LETHAL FALL – That instant when your iPad or MacBook Pro or your brand new Android almost slips off the table or falls out of your hand but you happen to catch it right before. It has to be a miracle.

18. AM I LATE? – When you’re so insistent on waking up early the next day for some big event and you somehow bolt off the bed in the morning thinking you’ve missed everything (This happens when I have an exam the next morning) only to realize that it’s like super early but you can’t shake that “HOLY CRAP DID I MISS THE ENTIRE EXAM?” feeling.

19. EMPATHY – When you are watching someone perform an amazing feat like walking a tight rope or hitting a high note and you’re not the one doing it but it can still make you hold your breath and cringe!

20. THE INFAMOUS SLIP – When you do that weird thing where you almost fall but you manage to not fall and end up doing this weird dance trying to get up and maintain a humane position – yeah your heart does a little leap right when it happens.

21. THE DISAPPEARING CREATURE – When you spot a roach, spider, grasshopper or any such creature, and then it disappears or you lose sight of it and you suddenly start imagining it crawling up your legs or landing on your shoulder. Eeek! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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