10 Reasons Why Most Of My Friends Are Guys


I’ve always avoided the large groups of girlfriends because it always ends in tears, drama, cat fights and betrayal. I do have my extremely close girlfriends who I trust with my LIFE but here’s why I avoid surrounding myself with a large group of girlfriends.

1. Girl drama

Girls are like wolves seeking their prey when it comes to the latest gossip or drama and life goes on perfectly fine without it. Guy friends don’t give a crap about who kissed who or who’s the latest boyfriend-stealer and they never intentionally create a scene. In a large group of friends, there’s bound to be some boyfriends stealing, secret three-way calling or even the hidden alliances among the group members.

2. Jealousy

Girls are built completely different from guys. They can be vicious and manipulative especially if they see you as a threat. A guy wouldn’t care if you managed o snipe the only pair of Louboutin shoes in your size or if you’re nominated for Class President. When it comes to competition, girls definitely take the cake and eat it too.

3. Boys are chill

A group of girls = a group of raging hormone-shrieking fits and opinions about practically every problem and that’s when having a guy friend comes in handy- they’re pretty nonchalant and chill about everything which gives you the time to breathe and get perspective.

4. Honesty

A girl has a million and one layers but everything is on one level for a guy; they’re straightforward and to the point. I’d rather that that digging through each layer of “girl-emotions” to desperately figure out which one is real. Girls also have the habit of fabricating or exaggerating a story with their superfluous imagination. Thank-you but I’ll pass.

5. Genuine

Let’s face it, girls fake it on more ways than one. Your guy friends genuinely want the best for you. They will go to lengths to ensure that you achieve what you want and support you in any way. With girls, their motives are always questionable. In a group of girls, they’ll backstab you from the front and you won’t even realize it. Fake smiles are a hell of a thing.

6. Fun factor

If you’re not 150% into makeup and shopping, you’re going to want to get some guy friends. You won’t have to hang around in shopping malls for hours listening to the “Do I look fat in this?” argument each time.

7. Casual

You can be yourself around guys and dress like no one’s watching because the guy isn’t going to care if you’re wearing last season’s shoes or if your clutch doesn’t match your dress. When girls are with girls, it’s like a secret competition to see who looks best until it’s just a blur of intense makeup, fake eyelashes and designer dresses.

8. Stability

A friendship with a group of girls is fragile – there WILL always be drama, tears and complications. They find the silliest of reasons to get annoyed and give you the cold shoulder. It’s like an on again off again relationship that just gets too complicated. Guys and girls don’t have the same problems so to me, it’s a perfect match.

9. Problem solvers

Girls will just sit and nod and maybe shed a tear or two if you present a problem and when you’re done, find a way to strike up a conversation about their own issues or magically turn your problem into theirs. Guys on the other hand will find a million ways for you to smile and quickly steer you in the direction of the right solution. They won’t try to scheme and develop a plot of revenge for you but instead choose the path of least drama which works out for the best.

10. Protective

When you have a really good group of guy friends, trust me; they will be your bodyguards for life. You wouldn’t need to worry about an unwanted guy hitting on you or freaking out about walking home at 3 a.m. in the morning. If you need them, trust me, they’ll be there.

Despite all of this, I do savor the one or two girl friends that I will cherish until the end of my days. A true girlfriend is loyal, trustworthy, honest, supportive and incredibly rare so when you do get the chance to snag one or two true friends, don’t let the opportunity pass you by! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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