7 Reasons Why Having Twin Siblings Is Simply The Best

Cheaper By The Dozen
Cheaper By The Dozen

1. Double the trouble… to blame on them.

I wasn’t exactly what you would call an angel as a child, but I did not get into half the amount of trouble I should have, due to my excellent fibbing skills and the twins being such easy targets. (Sorry, guys!)

2. Double the Henchmen.

No matter what crazy scheme I concocted (Sneaking out the window using the fire escape ladder, anyone?) or dangerous adventure (such as capturing the neighbor’s dog as our own), I always had two little minions at my side, willing to do anything I told them. As dangerous as this probably was (At least, for them…), we will always share those ridiculous memories.

3. Double the Pride.

As the big sister to two unbelievably accomplished individuals, I often feel like my heart is literally going to explode out of my chest because of how proud I am of them. From volleyball games to choir concerts, it’s not uncommon for me to be seen screaming my head off in excitement and/or wiping away tears of pride.

4. Double the cheerleaders.

In that same sense, the first faces I look for when onstage or after writing a piece are theirs, and they are always there, cheering for me as loudly as possible. Having the deep support of my twin siblings has caused me to believe in myself far beyond what I could have ever on my own.

5. Double the Responsibility.

Being the older sister to such amazing people doesn’t come without its responsibilities. Having twin siblings has raised my expectation level for myself as a role model in a major way. I have to look at my own life critically, and make sure that anything I am doing or saying is something they would want to aspire to. This pressure has been unbelievably beneficial, it has made me a far better person than I would be if I didn’t have two sets of eyes looking up to me.

6. Double the fun.

The best times I have had in my entire life have been with those two crazy kids. The late night Taco Bell stops, long waits in line at concerts, and even the occasional bickering have been some of the greatest moments of my life. After all, who else could understand why we think hot cocoa is so funny?

7. Double the sibling love.

Cheesy as it might be, having twin siblings has meant having two built-in best friends throughout my entire life. We watch each other’s dumb TV shows, videotape every performance, cry over each other’s heartbreaks (and seek the proper revenge), but most importantly, we’ve created an unbreakable trifecta. Having twin siblings has turned me into a bodyguard, therapist, and the luckiest big. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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