24 Things We Should Have Done

super awesome
super awesome

(1) I should have asked you for baby steps.

(2) I should have laughed when you quoted In Bruges at every fucking intersection.

(3) We should have looked each other in the eyes more when we made love.

(4) We shouldn’t have stopped making out in grocery stores and antique malls.

(5) I shouldn’t have been so fucking selfish for most of our relationship.

(6) You shouldn’t have been so inconsistent.

(7) I shouldn’t have been so angry when you walked that girl home.

(8) You probably shouldn’t have walked her home. (But it’s OK.)

(9) I shouldn’t have looked through your phone.

(10) I should have invested as much time into your dreams as you did in mine.

(11) And I should have told you a thousand times how much it meant to me that you did.

(12) I shouldn’t have spent so much time worrying about whether or not you loved me.

(13) I should have been intelligent enough to understand that we were both fucking crazy about each other.

(14) When you asked me to be easy on you, I should have been easy on you.

(15) When you came home, we should have talked about what happened.

(16) We should have been nicer, when did we stop being so sweet?

(17) We should have made a plan.

(18) We should have chosen not to fight. (And really meant it.)

(19) I should have let go of the hurt I still had from when you left.

(20) We should have spent less time sleeping and more time under the sky.

(21) (I should tell you now that sleeping with you is one of my favorite things.)

(22) We should have given it another shot. (We probably still should.)

(23) I shouldn’t have asked you to promise that you wouldn’t leave again.

(24) You should have brought me with you when you did. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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