20 People You Shouldn’t Date (And The 2 People You Should)

image - Flickr / Jakub Kadlec
image – Flickr / Jakub Kadlec

1. Don’t date someone who doesn’t ask how your day is, doesn’t care why you’re feeling down or doesn’t ask to talk if something is bothering her.

2. Don’t date someone who judges your own parents just because both of them had well-paying jobs and wanted to work insanely hard to provide for you.

3. Don’t date someone that uses you as a verbal, emotional or even physical “punching bag.”

4. Don’t date someone who makes fun of your passions and hobbies; and could care less that you love doing them.

5. Don’t date someone who begs you not to cheat on them every single time you’re away on a company-paid businesses trip, even though you’re about as loyal as a partner she’s ever going to have in life.

6. Don’t date someone who never wants to see your project you’ve been working on or ever wants to read those recent writings you’re so proud of.

7. Don’t date someone who doesn’t like your friends, even though your friends may really enjoy seeing her. Oh, and don’t date someone who gets mad when you do want to hang out with your friends.

8. Don’t date someone who lies to you, hides things from you and leads you on for months at a time.

9. Don’t date someone who is in a vastly different stage in life than you are. She may be still in college; you may be a graduate with a full-time career.

10. Don’t date someone who shuts down the slightest amount of affection you show towards her.

11. Don’t date someone who awkwardly turns her back to you when they’re smiling while texting.

12. Don’t date someone who stubbornly doesn’t know the difference between you giving them help and you telling them what to do.

13. Don’t date someone who angrily, immaturely holds grudges against an-ex girlfriend you dated eight years ago in high school for four months.

14. Don’t date someone who refuses to let you into their life when things start to get rocky and stressful, even though you let her into yours when your life went downhill.

15. Don’t date someone who expects you to pay for everything since you make more money, even though she also has a job.

16. Don’t date someone who criticizes you, makes you feel belittled and makes you cry.

17. Don’t date someone who impatiently forces you to believe in her religion or agree instantly with her thought processes, even if you are desperately trying to at your own comfortable pace.

18. Don’t date someone who backstabs people and then almost instantaneously wants to be best friends with them.

19. Don’t date someone who will someday just give up on you and erase you out of her life completely.

20. Don’t date someone so insecure that they’re burying themselves deeper and deeper in it.

21. Do date someone who truly appreciates you for who you are and doesn’t try to change you or think you’re changing for them.

22. Do date someone better, much better.

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