10 Things College Graduates Need To Know

image - Flickr / Sodanie Chea
image – Flickr / Sodanie Chea

1. Regardless if you have a job, got into grad school, or neither – you’re going to see Facebook statuses of your peers celebrating and proclaiming the opportunities they’ve snatched.

It may make you feel like crap or jealous because it’ll remind you that you need to get your act together. Be calm, use their successes as a tool to be inspired to achieve your own accomplishments. Also, don’t forget to click the “like button” on their Facebook status: they deserve some public affirmation from a friend.

2. Family members will pressure you by asking, “Why haven’t you gone to graduate school yet? Why don’t you have a good paying job? What are you planning on doing now? How are you going to pay back all your loans?” Just smile and laugh because your own self-positivity will be your closest ally. If you want to hide away and cry – it helps to tear up in the shower or on a friend’s shoulder.

3. You might take a job that you’re “over-qualified” for. Don’t worry if this happens because it’s about the journey to your goal. Everything will add up and the truth of your work will always ring out in the end. So humble yourself: be appreciative and own up to your opportunities, you will go far.

4. You will run into people and mentors who will offer you help, tell you that have great potential, and use fancy words to inspire you. Take their advice in strides and use it as a tool to take action. They believe in you because they know you’re capable – show them you are.

5. Let NO one tell you that college was a waste of time. Look back at the networks of people you connected with, the classes that opened up your mind to the understanding of how to learn, and the outside experiences (even work) that were offered to give you the skills necessary for your future. Basically, take everything you learned from college and apply it to your life. I’m positive that there was more to your college experience than just academia and parties.

6. Moving out and saying goodbye to your friends will happen suddenly. Take the time to obtain their snail address and send them a small note or gift to show how much you appreciate their friendship. You’ll never know when you’ll need each other’s help.

7. Your first few years of post-grad life will be about experimenting with the opportunities that arrive. In doing so you’ll learn more about yourself than any other experience thus far. Therefore, take this time to constantly push yourself forward because it’s the perfect time in your life to go all-in and take that big risk.

8. Learn to love yourself because it’s the main thing that will keep you going. It feels even better to keep someone near you – who does love you. It’ll help.

9. Save every penny that comes your way: you never know when those unexpected emergencies will arise or better yet, when you’re required to fly somewhere expensive for that final round interview.

10. No matter what I just suggested it doesn’t really matter because at the end of the day it’s up to you to make sense of everything. But I know you’ll be just fine because we’re all here to support each other.

You got this.

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