I Stole My Friend’s Crush, But She Stole My Happiness

image - Flickr / super awesome
image – Flickr / super awesome

Yes, you were the one who introduced us. The moment we laid eyes on each other was all because of you. My perfect love story happened because you took me to that bar with that group of people and he was in it. We shook hands and both knew in that exact moment of time that it was going to be us.

Yes, you did tell me that you have had your eye on him for years. I heard every story of how he would play guitar for you and how one time he paid for your noodles, but I still let him walk me home after when you had left with some other guy.

Yes, it was your birthday when he kissed me for the first time. You were the one who invited him out but you were also the one who took the extra four shots. You left me alone with him again so he was bound to be a gentleman. We held hands and walked all the way to my door where he kissed me goodnight.

Yes, we talked about you sometimes when we began texting. He told me that you were really good friends but that was all. He told me his secrets and he asked me his questions and everything was starting to happen.

Yes, I was listening every time you yelled at me for talking to him. I knew it was making you mad but I knew it was making me happy. I knew it was making him happy too. So I knew I wasn’t going to stop.

Yes, our friendship means a lot to me, but when you were standing in the way of my happiness for your fantasy, more problems were bound to arise.

Yes, I fell for him. I fell for every part of him you told me about. I fell for every part of him the world saw. I fell for every part of him that he showed me. He had me and I had him.

Yes, you crossed my mind the first time we made love, but only for a quick second. I wondered how you were going to feel when you found out about us, what it was going to do to our relationship. But at that point, he started to mean more than you.

Yes, I am a selfish person because I chose love over my friendship.

Yes, you are a selfish person because you threatened to remove us both from your life once you found out about us.

Yes, we ended our perfect love story all for you.

Yes, I am miserable.

No, it’s not going to be okay. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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