7 Annoying Facebook Crimes

Thinglass / Shutterstock.com
Thinglass / Shutterstock.com

1. When people act one way on Facebook, and another way in reality.

I have this friend who is a total girly girl, and then she gets on Facebook and is all like, “I want to go mudding, four wheeling, and horseback riding!!” And then “ I can’t wait to go country dancing tonight, its my favorite. I’d rather my cowgirl boots than heels any day.” Then she comes over to my house (in the country) and sees a roach and has a panic attack. Her favorite color is pink. I mean, come on.

I know another girl (very well) who is possibly the world’s worst mother. She is one of those people who is never happy and likes to take it out on her kids. I mean she criticizes her kids on a daily basis, calls them stupid, has offered to give one to me when she didn’t want him and then gets on Facebook and is all “I love my kids, they are so awesome. I have the perfect life!” Interesting…

2. Those people that most ten to twenty status updates in a day.

Ok, you brushed your teeth! That’s so awesome. We should throw you a party. People, please listen to me here, we do not need a play by play of your entire day. And truth is, we don’t care!

3. When people bring their conflict to Facebook.

I cannot tell you how many times I have seen a “cryptic” post like “Some people are so stupid! (Insert rant here)” Not only is this immature but it’s not productive. If you want to solve something, talk it out with the person or people involved. Don’t post it on Facebook for your two hundred friends to see. Although I do have to be honest, sometimes these posts are like a movie and I feel like I need to go grab a bag of popcorn to read what will happen next in this dramatic situation. But still, your embarrassing yourself.

4. Posting pictures of their food.

This has become more and more common. I have even started to notice at restaurants people “casually” taking pictures of their pretty appetizers or healthy foods or alcoholic beverages. I just don’t understand why people feel like their Facebook friends need to see what they are eating everyday.

5. Posting EVERY time they go to the gym.

If I had a dollar for every time I have seen a “hitting the gym” status I would be able to retire. At twenty-three. It’s like they think if they don’t post it, it didn’t happen. Newsflash: you can lose just as much weight without posting it.

6. Taking multiple pictures of the exact same pose, in the same outfit, at once.

We know you love your selfies, but I think we can get by with one bathroom mirror pic.

7. Sending endless game requests

I don’t want to play candy crush people. Or Farmville, or pet rescue saga. I am truly glad you have found something you enjoy, but if you send me one more game requests that sends me a notification…well, I don’t know. But I wont like it. TC Mark

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