The 5 Closest People You Will Lose Contact With In Your 20s

A couple months ago I decided to leave a company, which I worked at for two years, and move onto another opportunity. When this happened I lost contact with a few of my co-workers and the people I used to live with during that time. Then, it hit me as this has happened before. This is why I’m writing this piece. These are the 5 closest people you will lose contact with in your 20s.

1. College Friends

Unless you and your undergraduate college friends decide to stay 8th or 9th years at your University, you’re more than likely going to lose them when you all decide to take  different paths to continue your careers. One will go off to medical school, others will go to graduate schools, a few will live at home, many will go into the job market, and some will just bounce around until they find something that fulfills their life.

After a few years, the next time you’ll hear of them is when they randomly pop up on your newsfeed right before their wedding day.

2. Co-Workers

Out of the five people mentioned, your co-workers will probably be the most active set of people you will encounter in your life. Day in and day out you see each other and there is no helping but to come up with nicknames, secrets, inside jokes, and commiserate about the office boss. So, it’s a sad sight when you jump into a new job opportunity and you have to say goodbye to the people who have seen you at your worst and who have seen you at your best.

You’ll lose them a few months later when you realize that you’re not caught up with the old office scenes while you’re dealing with the ones at your new company.

3. Your Mentors

Every year you’ll gain a new mentor for different situations in the journey you call life: 4th year student Kim who helped guide you during your freshman year. Professor Smith was there for you when you were thinking of becoming an economist. Then, you had your CEO boss Miss Landra when you were looking for a mentor to help you grow professionally.

Either way, you will lose these mentors to new ones as your path begins to change overtime. It’s okay. It’s expected. Many, if not all of us, are still trying to figure out what to do and who to reach out to – in our own lives.

4. Roommates

Remember setting up your first apartment together with your “Roomy!?!?” Those times are long gone as now you’re living with your partner, by yourself (finally!), or living on a boat while traveling the world. Either way, the roommates you had in your life will become random memories when you think you smell the burnt tuna casserole they always liked to cook at 5am.

5. You

Along the way you’ll begin to lose contact with, well, you. Your old self. Your being will change as you continue on with the new challenges and opportunities you take on. And, no matter if you have a set plan or not, you’ll lose bits of pieces of yourself along the way.

Your political beliefs, the way you eat food, and even the way you treat people will change to something that even your 15-year-old self wouldn’t recognize. For better or for worse, if you’re always trying to take a leap forward – you’ll transform. Don’t be scared, let it happen because it’s a part of life.

Final Thoughts

Though these are the 5 closest people you will lose contact with, it doesn’t mean you’ve lost them forever. All these people (just like you) are just in different areas in their life: all trying to figure out what’s next. So, if you find these people important, you’ll find a way to get in touch with them and hang out with these people again. You can do it now, or once you’re ready.  The ones who find you as equally important will embrace you and the changes you’ve made along the way.

Besides, it’s always great to get these people back, so do yourself a favor and contact them when you can.  New opportunities and new people are great. But don’t forget the people who have helped shape you into the person you are today. And if you do this, you’ll never really lose contact with the closest people in your life. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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