This Is How Men Should Support Feminists (As Told By A Young Conservative Libertarian Male)

I remember leaning back in my sociology class wearing my “Vote Ron Paul” T-Shirt on, twirling my pen between my fingers with this sarcastic “You’re really gonna go there” look on my face as I listened to my old white male professor who makes six figures, off broke college students, preach about how old rich white males oppress people. As I tuned him out rambling on about the monetary system and the have-nots to remember I paid thousands of dollars for this bullshit, I zoned back in when he told me to turn to the next Chapter in my $200 textbook he required us to buy.

The next chapter in sociology for my book is what I want to talk about. One of the biggest male turnoffs is a feminist. Plain and simple and contradictory to whoever told you otherwise: men don’t like it. We really don’t. We feel like we’re being personally attacked. We feel, and with good reason, that feminism isn’t about equality and fairness, but just an extreme dislike for the male race.

I’ve watched the TED Videos. I’ve been there. Listening to fat American feminists talk about how society judges them and how they’re mistreated. Blah blah blah. But I’m a man of justice and fairness so I decided to hear them out… and they have a few points.

How come it’s okay for a man to judge a woman by her looks and say, “Oh she’s hot I want her.” But it’s not okay for a woman to judge a man by how much money he makes and say, “Oh he’s rich I want him.” Why is that? Neither of the characteristics have anything to really do with personality. And then I asked myself, “At what point in time does something become personality and not materialism?” After all, we are just complicated series of genetic codes… right?

Before I went to college, my primary views came from the Classical School of Thought. (The reason you’re poor is because you’re lazy. You’re the cause of your success and failures. Etc.) But I slowly shifted to hanging in between Classical and the Positive School of Thought (Society is to blame for you failures, you were born in unfair situations. Etc.)

Let us be a hundred percent honest here. The meaning of life as a living organism is to dominate, to be on top, and obtain power so you live on from the harsh realities of natural selection. And what we’re experiencing here when we look beyond materialism (which is all about just that) is that as civilized people, we’re above and something more than just being another organism living under natural selection. Some could argue that’s what liberalism is all about.

Natural selection is really good to the winners and really harsh to the losers. Even in society, that’s just how it is. If you’re an ugly girl you won’t have a nice life. No guys will hit on you, you’ll have to work really hard like men, and you’ll feel lonely. As a guy trying to put myself in those shoes I could really see how that could suck. And as a guy watching ugly girls compete in this messed up pyramid scam where all the girls on top get all the attention… I could see why you would want to be feminists.

The problem with this though is it’s not the fault of men that you’re being outcompeted by hotter women. And in turn for nice guys who are bitter against women who “only go after assholes”, it’s not their fault you’re being outcompeted by more attractive men.

You might feel that I’m wrong. But let me give you undisputable proof and evidence to show you I’m 100% right on the money. Go to YouTube and search “RIP Suicide Victims” and while you scroll through videos, answer me this. How come all the popular ones with millions of views are SMOKING HOT? Because of exactly what I’m talking about. Do you think only hot girls kill themselves? No. They’re a minority. Most suicide victims are fat and ugly and did it out of social isolation. But even as people: we literally don’t care about some dead victims as we do others because WE ARE LITERALLY JUDGING THEM IN DEATH AND TO THE GRAVE!

So how about this: why don’t we stop uselessly arguing about who has more equality than the other because that’s not the bottom underlying cause of our issues. The REAL cause for our problems of the fact 1 in 10 Americans report depression, 25% of all Americans have negative net worth, and why there is so much misguided bitterness by feminists is the fact we need to evolve as a society and come up with real solutions on how we’re going to solve these problems of social isolation.

Most of my readers here are liberals so let me give you a rundown on how businesses work in the global economy. You have something called Supply and Demand. Now there’s two ways we can fix this problem and two way ONLY. We can either somehow change the Supply of unattractive isolated women by making them attractive.

Or we can somehow change the Demand of what people want by launching campaigns of “fat being the new skinny”. The feminists obviously support changing the demand and it’s been working. There has been a major increase of men wanting bigger women.

Now I’m no sociology professor. If I was I’d be making six figures and ripping off college students. But what I can do, is tell the men reading who’ve read this article to be more sensitive and realize the actual reasons to why feminists are so bitter, and to tell the feminist women reading this article to realize men aren’t directly the cause of why you’re so bitter. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

featured image – Flickr / Gigi Ibrahim

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