The Western Media Is Lying To You About Ukraine


I see posts coming about Ukraine, and I’d like to tell about the other side of the story because the governments in the US and in Europe don’t tell everything.  It bothers me  because I don’t think it’s fair. The people who don’t want Ukraine to move towards the European Union are being presented as stupid or rebellious or pro-Russian. I don’t agree with that. How can Ukraine choose for the people don’t want this?

The Truth About The Economy

First, no country from the EU will invest in Ukraine because the roads are bad, so it’s really expensive for people and companies from Western European countries to travel to Ukraine. Secondly, the people from Ukraine are more like the Russian people than any of the people from Western Europe. Culturally, they are very different from those in the EU that Ukrainian people simply won’t fit in. The whole being of Ukrainians is different.

The Ukrainian culture is absolutely awesome. It has an enourmous place in my heart. But it is nothing like the German, French or Dutch cultures. I’m not saying that the last three are all the same, but in comparison with Ukraine, they are.

If Ukraine joins the EU then lots of Ukrainians will go to Western Europe looking for work that pays better. That means that many people who were born in Western Europe working blue collar jobs will lose their jobs because the immigrating Ukrainians will work for much less money. And, with many young people leaving Ukraine for work in the West, the elderly will be left and there will be more poverty and no chances for the very young because there won’t be investment or people staying to build the country.

Also, the real reason why the EU doesn’t want Ukraine to split up is simply because the financially strongest industries are in Eastern Ukraine which is generally pro-Russian. The Western Ukraine will only cost the EU lots of money without providing anything industrial.

Ukraine is a Slavic culture, no one should try to change that just for the sake of cheap labor, not the U.S. and not the EU, nor should Russia try to make it even more Russian.

The Truth About The Protests In Kiev

I’d like to talk about the demonstrations in Kiev. It hurt me to see them because I spent so much time there when I was a kid. The media has chosen a side and only presents a certain kind of story. I believe thats wrong cause people should be informed about both sides. The news obviously chose the pro-Western side.

However, what they haven’t told you is that among the activists were troops who were professional fighters there to fight the police. The police weren’t just some people that got through the police academy. It is an amazingly strong and tactically sound group of people. Some Russian commandants even say that wouldn’t know what to do if they had to face the Kiev police. Still, lots of policemen were killed during the protests and many of the activist who were there were paid to protest. A friend of mine told me that a homeless man who always sleeps near her home was protesting over there and got food and a place to sleep for doing so.

Then there were the shootings at the Maidan. The news probably didnt tell you that the professional activists used innocent people as a shield. The police had warned them to stop doing that but they kept on killing policemen so they decided to start shooting.
I’m not saying that’s a good thing, I’m just saying that the activists knew that if they kept going there would be innocent people killed and they did it anyway.

And the Krim. There are many images and videos in the media about Ukrainian people being bullied by Russian people.  Again, I’m not saying that’s a good thing. Everyone has a right to report what they think they need to but why didn’t the news tell you about the ethnic Russian people bullied to death at the Maidan by the pro-Western activists?

The Truth About The Ukrainian Government

I see people get angry at the corrupt former Ukrainian government. The whole country is corrupt, trust me. So is the opposition. Former President Yanukovych won through fraud, yes, but Timoshenko was also committing fraud. Thats how the country and it’s not a good thing, but the media and opposition shouldn’t just talk about one side being corrupt when the truth is that both are.

The opposition doesnt represent the whole country. The people from the government who ran to the side of the opposition did so because they were afraid. There were so many people angry at them and threatening them that it was only human for them to join the opposition. Thats better for them and their families. They just want to get money and stay  in power and if they had continued supporting Yanukovych then they would have lost their jobs and everything else.

Russia has made mistakes in handling all this but don’t just believe everything the media says. The media has economic interests and so does the Western government. Everyone did something wrong and everyone should respect one another but it’s not the Russians or the former government who refuses to let people speak up.

I know i sound like I’m extremely pro-Russia and only believe what they are saying but what I really want is to show that there really is another side to all this that many in the West don’t know about.  There’s much more so before you read stories about Ukraine, do some research. Don’t just read newspapers from your country, read all of them, critically.

If you did so and you don’t agree with me on my point, I’m fine with that and I’d like to hear that, but don’t just say things without thinking. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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