The 8 Most Irritating People You’ll Waste Your Time With

Anger Management
Anger Management

1. The Ask-hole

They are the people who come to you exclusively for advice. They will come to you for personal guidance, and never reap any of it. In fact, most of the time, they will do the exact opposite, or nothing at all. Then, they will come back, ask you for the same advice, and again, won’t harvest any of it.

2. The Doormat 

People who are inflicted with “the disease to please.” You never know who they really are or what they really think. They will say and do whatever, good or bad, just so people like them at the end of the day.

3. The Queen B

The girls who have too much “girl power.” The girls who want to be treated like Princess’s but act like whores. The girls who overuse the excuse “because I’m a girl.”

4. The Barbies and Kens

They are the people who fixate over physical appearance. They’re the ones that desperately seek for verbal praise even if that means pretending to put themselves down. They’re the ones who will date assholes and sluts because they’re “good-looking”, but then bitch and complain about how their significant other is an asshole or a slut.

5. The Know-It-All

The people who talk way too much about something that the entire group doesn’t understand or care. The people who take pretentious to a whole new level. People who says stuff like: “In some esoteric metaphysical writings I have…etc.” or “There could be infinities within infinities since infinity is big enough to be divided infinite times and each portion would be infinitely large” … Who the fuck says that? Please, just shut up the fuck up.

6. The Pity-Whore

The people who will make every situation they’re in and, every shortcoming they have, as the worst possible things in life. The people who objectify themselves as the most unfortunate individuals on the planet. The people who never stop whining.

7. The Incompetent One

These are the people who will make an excuse for absolutely everything. Everything, and anything.

8. The Drama-Queen

The people who seem to have novellas in their daily lives. They are the people who over-exaggerate heavily. They are the ones who complain far too much about #firstworldproblems. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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