Take The Time To Discover Something New Today

Find out for yourself.

But don’t take that recommendation too seriously. I don’t really know what I’m talking about.

Neither do you, though.

And neither does anybody here, or out there, or anywhere because each day that happens is the first time any of us has experienced it before and nobody knows anything, not even those believe that can supersede the paradox by admitting, before the argument even begins, that they know nothing. So you have to find out for yourself.

Find out what I mean by that. Find out if you care.

Find out your real feelings about things. Find out if the term ‘real feelings’ exists because that implies that there are fake feelings about things which doesn’t really make any sense but that’s another can of worms. Find out your feelings, regardless of legitimacy, about the term ‘can of worms.’ Research the origin of the term ‘can of worms.’ Why not a jar of worms? Why not a can of beans? Find out about the words you use every day and revel in language, how it frees and restricts. Revel in your ability to say what you want and to accidentally blurt your secret opinions. Find out your opinions.

Find out what he actually meant in that text from Friday night because it’s actually been bugging you and you have nothing to lose, right? Find out what you’ve convinced yourself you’d be losing.

Find out what you haven’t realized you’ve lost. Find out what you’ve actually gained.

Find out about whatever the heck you want to find out about because, I already warned you, I don’t know what I’m talking about. Find out if I’m wrong about the assertion that you don’t know what you’re talking about and find out if it upset you at all. Do something about it.

Find out what your barista dreamed about last night and if your cab driver has any children. Ask a cop if he enjoys being a cop and interview your librarian. Find out what we all have in common and what we don’t. Find out which stereotypes are true.

Find out how you feel upon realizing that this is sentence is a command. Find out if you’ll tolerate me telling you what to do. I am using reverse psychology. Or am I? Find out what you imagine I’ve invested in you and this, if anything at all.

Find out how brilliant you are and find out how ignorant you are. Find out about the theory of relativity and find out if you really believe that all of life is connected. Find out how it feels to open your arms and say, “I don’t know!” to the universe. Find out if the universe has a response.

Find out about your parents’ lives, find out about your city’s history, find out about where your clothing was manufactured. Take surveys and record data. Treat life like a research project and your grade is determined by you at every second. Cite your sources.

Find out whatever needs to be found or re-find what you’ve already spent most of your life discovering. Forget it all. Find it again and find the details hiding like lint in your belly; find joy, find apathy, find out how many damns you give and don’t give and how many you think you should.

Find out your truth and what I mean by ‘find’, ‘out’, ‘your’, and ‘truth.’ No trail of breadcrumbs, no note. Find out how you work and how your weird neighbor works and find out how you learn and react and twist through depths and lounge in wading pools and find out the metaphors you take for granted. Find out about what you really know and who you really are and don’t let anyone, in any realm, tell you how to do it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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