I Opened My Fridge And What I Realized Next Shocked The Hell Out Of Me

I met “E” on OkCupid. I was just starting a new job and figured a new man would go well with that. We met up under the arch in Washington Square Park (I know, cheesy) and got a couple slices of pizza.

You know when you go on a date and leave knowing that the other person went from being unsure about you to completely infatuated? That’s what happened with E and me, because by date two he was my boyfriend. We never talked about it or really made any allusions to talking about it. But it was happening. Seeing as he was an out-of-work actor, he was commuting into the city from his hometown in a nearby state. However, a couple weeks later I couldn’t help but notice more and more of his stuff was accumulating and he was always at my apartment.

One day I get a text at work from E saying, “Hey, meet me at 7 at 52nd and Broadway I have a surprise.” I responded, “Ok, I’ll try. I’m not sure when I’m getting out of here though.” At 6:45pm I text him, “Hey, I’m SO sorry but this has been the absolute worst day at work. I’ve been given a ton of extra tasks that have to get done before tomorrow. I’m not gonna be able to meet at 7 but maybe dinner at 9?” He responds, “I got us tickets to a play that starts at 7:30 though.” I said, “That’s incredibly sweet of you but I really can’t help being late today and didn’t know we had a commitment.” He replies, “Let’s talk about it later.”

Back at my apartment, we were arguing about what had happened. I couldn’t believe he was making me feel bad about this and tried my hardest to explain that as a new employee I still need to prove myself and can’t skip out early just because he tells me to. He sort of understood and I decided to cook him dinner. I look in my fridge and see that it’s pretty stocked, even though I hadn’t been grocery shopping for weeks. In fact, the whole apartment had the feeling of being inhabited by two people rather than one. Without hesitation I exclaimed, “Wait, E do you live here????” I thought back on the whole month we’ve been dating (that’s right, a mere month) and realized I already knew the answer to that question. I don’t remember his response, but by then it didn’t matter. I told him the relationship was moving WAY too fast for me. I was shocked that he started crying; weeping almost, and nothing I said seemed to terminate his tears. But I had to terminate the relationship.

Don’t let someone move in with you without telling you. It’s the worst. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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