Are You Rich People Serious Right Now? Check Your F*cking Privilege.

You think you had it bad? Think again, fucker. I was born by C-section, prematurely at 6 months. When I was 16 months old, I had my legs amputated due to fibular hemimelia and was almost blind due to cataracts. I grew with 7 other siblings, and had a shitty home life that beckoned death every minute. Two of siblings would die from anemia and cancer, respectively. I was raised by a single mother who worked two jobs. My parents worked hard.

To get to school I had to menacingly venture a vacuous stretch of a mile, followed by a trudge through a swamp that swelled like shit in the summertime. We barely had food on the table; it was plain scraps she would bring in from some unknown source, crumbs possibly of the neighboring class. Only a half a roof over our heads, so you can imagine the disaster the other half was when it came to any weather. The heat was barely on, and paying and maintaining other utilities were a constant anxiety. Cars? We walked.

Private school? Couldn’t afford it. Clothes? We’d wear the same 2 pairs of clothing methodically. Insurance? Couldn’t afford it. Keep working they said to her, it’s the American Dream. My mother said that the more we work the easier our dreams become. I worked hard. My parents worked hard. We worked hard. So all you ungrateful, spoiled shits need to check your privilege. Don’t get me started on my cousins back in the old country, who don’t even have proper electricity and running water. I work two jobs and still manage to give to charity and the poor, because I know how it feels to be completely HELPLESS.

Given that you’re on the internet reading this article in your inane spare time, I’m 99.999% sure you’re a spoiled little shit who thinks having a rather normal Western middle class life, with it’s normal ups and down, is somehow a “struggle”.

“Boo hoo, I have student loans and my parents were divorced and nonetheless have a comfortable white middle class lifestyle!” YOU DON’T KNOW SHIT. You don’t know what it’s like to be starving on detergent and paint chips and dry cereal. You don’t know how it feels for everyday to be a battle of survival, a constant whim of life and death. And what do you do with this privilege? Inanity.

You are part of a pampered first world. You watch TV all day, your face constantly stuck to a smartphone, playing video games and partying and milling on about break ups and ex-boyfriends (no one cares) as you go about your listlessly comfortable life. You don’t have wars, you don’t scrap for food you piece of shit. You think handling finances or working some cashier job is some super deep struggle. You think having a bad day equals to a life of pure suffering. A life of uncertainty and vanity and unable to sleep at night. Your first world split minute of discomfort is nothing compared to mine of heartbreak. You are a spoiled fucker. You’ve never experienced true famine and deprivation.

Check. Your. Fucking. Privilege. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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