The Reasons You Apply For Scholarships And The Big Picture

When you check the eligibility requirements of a scholarship and you feel like it was made for you, what is the first thought that crosses your mind? It is probably that you should apply, and then few seconds later, you are unconsciously having a day dream of what it would be like if you actually get the scholarship. In that daydream, what do you see? And how do you feel? Of course the first thought is that you don’t only get to go to the place you wanted (and couldn’t afford), but also your tuition is being paid, how awesome is that? Now do you ever think about why you were chosen? I mean nobody just picks up a random person and give him a huge amount of money to go to school, right? Do you realize how special you are? That out of the 7 billion people on earth, it is YOU who met the scholarship requirements and it is YOU who were chosen to take it? You were chosen, and there are higher reasons that made this happen. With all neutrality you can call this a miracle. Because looking at the value of one dollar today, and how so many people are fighting at this second to get this dollar, you winning this scholarship and being able to not only get money, but get an education that would grow your mind and soul, it is a miracle by all means. So how much are you willing to give back? Or are you as selfish as someone who only takes and wants more? It is true that you have no idea what you want to do with you career, but right now you are exploring, and your place in the world is not your place in your career, it is your place in the book of life. How you love and help. Only your actions matter. Do you realize? The many blesses you are swimming in? You are healthy, and I am telling you, without health you are capable of nothing. So look at the big picture, stop complaining. Be good enough to your own standards. Achieve your full potential, imagine life as a clock that is chasing you and reminding you of how much little time is left, every minute of everyday. Seize the day. Take risks and feel zero percent of fear that they won’t pay off, because even if they don’t, you’ve got nothing to lose. Pay no attention to anyone’s past or future thoughts about you. Only you and your loved ones matter. Life is a ladder that is taking us towards the end one day at a time. You have nothing to lose because everything and everyone will be gone. Open your eyes and truly see. Be you, to the fullest. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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