That Time I Met A Serial Killer On A Gay Hook Up Site

Producer’s note: this story is excerpted from Reddit user bornin1988‘s account of what happened to him.
Kevin Dooley
Kevin Dooley

I was 21 or 22 when I met this guy on a gay hook up site, I’m a big guy, over 6 ft and 200 pounds in good shape, especially back then, this guy was however even bigger than me which is probably the reason why I was so eager to meet up with him, this guy was a giant, near the 7 ft mark, he was a christian music singer with a record deal, I really wish I could remember his name, lol anyways this striked me as odd and after a little bit of small talk and me teasing him about being a Christian music singer fucking men on the side we decided to hit the road, after the bar we were at which was in the corner of my house we decided to go to his house, he told me he lived in Kendall and that he had the place for himself, Kendall is a busy area with lots of townhomes and such so I wasn’t worried, however after driving for a while I notice he takes to the Redlands which is a rural area…

I thought maybe he was taking a shortcut but after a while it was clear he wasn’t going anywhere so I told him that I thought we were going to Kendall to which he didn’t say anything, completely mute just driving without even glancing at me, by this point there’s nothing but a two lane street and darkness with no cars in front or behind us, I tell him that I don’t like it and that I want to go back to the city, he tells me that he knows a spot “around here” and I tell him that I won’t do anything in a car parked on a dead end street, not only is trashy and uncomfortable but also AGAINST THE LAW (I’m not going to jail for sucking dick) so he tells me that there’s nothing to worry about “there’s not even houses around” which alerts me, at that point I’m really thinking what if this guy, this “Christian singer” is nothing but a religious maniac murdering gay men in the middle of nowhere.

I keep insisting I wanna go back and he’s flat out ignoring me, I try to open the door and is locked, I say that I want to get off to stop the car and he won’t even turn around to look at me, at this point is clear to me that his intentions with me aren’t the nicest ones (well apart from what I was expecting…) he was clearly not intimidated by me and he was so calm that I could think about was that he had done it before, by now he’s pulling into a dirt road, that’s when I realized that I had to do something and that my life was in jeopardy…

I’m pretty sure that at this point I had lost it a little bit but I didn’t care, I didn’t care to look composed or unafraid like I had been for most of the ride, the only thing I can think of is hitting him, taking whatever beating could come after from such a beast but suddenly I see his phone, his big ass smartphone, right in between us connected to the car charger, I grab it and immediately dial 911, he’s yelling at me asking me what the fuck I’m doing and to give him the phone, the 911 dispatcher is already on the line with me and we both can hear her but I’m just yelling back at him to let me out of the car, to which he proceeds, I step out with his phone still in hand and he steps out as well yelling that I give him back his phone, I throw it at him from the other side of the car, he mumbles something, gets in the car and furiously speeds away.

There I am at 1 in morning, alone in the middle of nowhere on a dirt road hiding behind the bushes hoping he doesn’t come back, my heart stopping with every headlight I see approaching from far away, while I wait for my friend to pick me up.

Sometimes I feel like maybe I overreacted, I didn’t want to say anything because of this same reason, but then again I see cases like this on TV and I’m really grateful for all the cheesy slasher films and the scary Internet stories I grew up reading. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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