I Went To A 4-Year-Old’s Birthday Party And Got Fit-Shamed

Producer’s note: this story was taken from Reddit user Spada‘s account of his life.

The parents present were staggering. Every one of them was overweight, house poor and bitter. I have never been around more depressing people. My girlfriend is really positive and fun and even she was brought down by it.

I was playing with the 4 year old and got a toy stuck in a tree, he wanted me to lift him up so he could reach it. I lift him over my head and my shirt goes up a bit. I’m reasonably fit, have ab definition and that ‘V’ that women seem to like.

The usual response is nothing or my girlfriend smiling at me which is great. Not this time. Three of the people present ripped into me for “having the time to spend all day at the gym”. “must be nice to work out all the time” & (directed at my gf) “hope you’re not getting used to that because it won’t last”. My girlfriend laughed it all off with “well, i don’t see him stopping going to yoga with me so I think it will.”

This was in addition to the usual breeder crap questioning our life choices.

First thing I told my girlfriend when we got into the car was that i never want that life. She agreed, laughed and suggested we grab some ice cream. That made me a lot happier. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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