6 Things Every Unemployed Girl Should Have To Help Postpone The Crazy


1. Smart Accessories

And I’m not just talking about that scarf you like to wear to spice up a fall outfit.Every woman in society today should have some type of connection to the fast paced world of technology. No matter what you are interested in doing it is necessary to have army of artificial intelligence to do it. From Candy Crush to a professional Linkedin App, having these conveniences at the tip of your fingers makes being unemployed a little easier.

2. A Netflix Account

Netflix is the closest thing to time travel we have. One minute it’s 10pm and you decide to log on and start watching a new season of whatever show you’re into. The next minute its 3am, you’re 10 episodes into the season and have no idea how you ended up there. My time off has taught me there is nothing wrong with escaping into a different world for a little while. It’s nice to take a break from reality and become the friend of a man who embarked on a new career of drugs and crime at the end of his life. The break from reality is well worth the $7.99 a month.

3. A Subscription to “The Skimm”

A girl’s gotta get her news somehow and we all don’t have time (or patience) to research all the newspapers and online news sites to keep up with current events. The Skimm does all the work for our lazy asses – it’s like Sparknotes for the news. Just sign up and read the email sent out to you every weekday. Or maybe just read the Monday email and delete the rest. No one said you need to know everything going on in the world today. This promotes you from being a bum, to a bum who knows things about the world.

4. A Pinterest DIY Board

Sitting at home all day can be exhaustingly boring. Doing nothing leads to more doing nothing and the thought of moving off the couch seems overwhelming. Try to avoid a slump and start doing little projects in between applying for jobs. Whether its cooking or decorating everything chevron, little projects can be great for fighting off the unhinged mental state boredom can bring. Pinning the DIY crafts may be your little project itself…just pass your time doing something other than wondering why you aren’t employed yet, or succumb to psychosis.

5. Wine

Whether it’s white or red, cheap wine is a necessity for an unemployed lady grad. I don’t care if you live at home or on your own – wine is a requisite for being a girl in her 20’s and because right now we have no disposable income, cheap wine has to do. So go out and buy yourself a bottle or box of wine and drink it like it’s water. Cheers ladies.

6. A Partner in Crime

Every girl needs a best friend but every unemployed 20-something-year-old needs another unemployed 20-something-year-old to do shit with. This PIC is someone to complain with and waste time with. Employed friends don’t understand the struggles of unemployment – both internal and external. It’s a different lifestyle. I’m not saying you should end friendships because of employment differences but weekdays can get lonely. If you don’t have any unemployed friends then you’re shit out of luck. Maybe start a support group for people to meet who need to bitch about their employed friends and family with other unemployed rebels. TC Mark

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