22 Important Life Lessons From A 40-Something

NASA Goddard Photo and Video
NASA Goddard Photo and Video

1. You cannot go back in time with your older, wiser brain and make different choices.

2. A whole lot of stuff can’t be undone with, “I’m sorry”.

3. You can never really take back what you say.

4. Life takes work. It doesn’t happen by itself, no matter how effortless someone makes it look. Put some muscle into it.

5. Don’t wait around for an invitation when faced with a task that needs to be done. It’s probably not coming.

6. Don’t wait around for a thank you after finishing a task that needed to be done. It’s probably not coming.

7. Express appreciation to people who make your day better, easier, happier.

8. For the most part, you’ll never know the full impact you have had on someone’s life.

9. Doing good and good intentions are two different things.

10. Being thankful that you are not living in a cardboard box under the freeway is not gratitude. It’s relief.

11. Sometimes comparing yourself to others promotes perspective.

12. It is easy to regret the past, difficult to embrace the present and impossible to predict the future.

13. The benefits of calculated risk always outweigh the detriments. Take them.

14. No matter how sure you are that special person is the one. You can’t be sure.

15. There’s nothing easier than words and nothing harder than finding someone true to theirs.

16. We always lie to ourselves at least a little when we want something very, very badly. Always.

17. It’s okay to say no. It’s okay to change your mind. It’s okay to admit you were wrong.

18. It’s okay to move away, move on, and move forward.

19. You can only move forward. Move forward.

20. Resist the temptation to pretend that time is infinite.

21. Much sooner than you think, you will be 80 and pondering if you lived the life you wanted.

22. No matter how much you wish, you definitely can’t go back in time with your older, wiser brain and make different choices. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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