My Boyfriend Fingered Me And Made Me Cum In The Limo On The Way To A Funeral

This story was excerpted from a deleted Reddit user’s account of the event.

It was my cousin’s funeral. (we weren’t close, but that doesn’t mean it’s not technically “wrong”.) :P

I was sitting on my boyfriend’s lap because there were a lot of people in the limo. It was winter and we all had a bunch of long coats and such on. Somehow he managed to slide his hand under the back of my coat and skirt. He started rubbing the outside of my underwear until he knew I was swollen and wet. I couldn’t push his hand away or tell him to stop because that would have been a lot more obvious then just letting him do it.

He slid his middle finger into me and started rubbing my clit with his forefinger. He alternated between finger-fucking me with the middle finger and rubbing my wet clit. The fact that I couldn’t move or make any noise was driving me insane. He knew it was because I was so unbelievably wet it was almost hard for him to get friction going to make me come. Even through our clothes I could feel how hard he was.

People were talking in low voices and staring out the windows and no one was trying to start any conversations since it was such a somber occasion. I stared out the window very intently as if lost in thought. I’m sure if anyone did look at me they might have thought the slight twitching of my face was due to me feeling depressed.

Anyway, it only took about 5-10 minutes before I came. I tried to hold back because I wanted to control it and I was nervous everyone would see. My pussy clenched hard around his fingers and I couldn’t help having to bury my head in his shoulder which I don’t think looked out of the ordinary. I drenched his hand even more if that is possible.

I still felt myself having little after-spasms for minutes afterwards and I squirmed around on his cock to give him a little more fun. Although soon he stopped me since sitting through the graveyard ceremony with a raging erection probably would have been a little disturbing.

I’ve been getting off on that memory for years.. since he’s now my husband he’s made me come in lots of public places. But I do feel the funeral guilt every time I’m at one now…

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