Everyone In My Life Is Proud Of My Weight Loss. They Don’t Know I Did It Through Heroin.

Producer’s note: this story is excerpted from Reddit user Confessionthrowaway7‘s account of their life.
Ansel Edwards
Ansel Edwards

Over the past year I’ve lost 70lbs+ and everyone in my life is so happy for me and I’m getting compliments from almost everyone I know, but what they don’t know is for the last 8 months I’ve been using heroin daily.

I started using heroin because I had a chronic pain issue that I had surgery to correct that still left me in near daily pain. I’ve not got health insurance and I’m relatively young so my doctors were wary about prescribing me effective pain medications so I looked for ways to treat my pain elsewhere.

After finding heroin I started using only when the pain was bad enough to screw with my daily routine, but like so many that turned into every day quite quickly. I’ve always had issues with my weight, and had developed a bit of a drinking problem a couple of years ago after losing a very physical job that kept me in shape so I gained nearly 100lbs after at one point being in the best shape of my life.

My life really came crashing down when I started having debilitating pain that took 6+ months and multiple doctors before I was able to get a diagnosis, but even after surgery I still have pain. When I found heroin it seemed like a godsend, I could work without pain, I was happy and it killed my appetite so I started losing weight.

It’s now 8 months into my addiction and all my free cash goes to buy heroin. I hate myself for what I’ve gotten myself into and worst of all I don’t feel like I could ask anyone in my life for help for fear that they’d never look at me the same or ever trust me again. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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