A Haiku For Each Guy I’ve Slept With

Inspired by this Tumblr, names have been changed to protect the guilty.


You’re really a jerk
That motel gives me nightmares
I think you tricked me


I liked you at work
Gave you head driving me home
Size matters, Penguin


You’re a teddy bear
I’m glad you left premature
Couldn’t feel a thing


Twenty-nine year old
Your place in Chelsea was cool
You cum like a girl


Our 3 years were meh
Our “love” was really just fake
I have many scars


Your face was not cute
You cried after real short sex
I loved your huge bed


Stop crying, you wuss
Your penis had a weird shape…
And…so did your face


Whiskey dick my ass
Tiny man, tiny voice…truth
Sweet apartment, though


Gym rat in finance
Your heart literally ticked
It. Was. So. Boring.


My Jersey nookie
Thanks for taking care of me
Your one ball was odd….

Vegan Jesus

Late night booty call
No lie, you were amazing
Williamsburg hipster

You look like some guy rejected from The Real World for being too old

Pretty forgetful…
You ain’t old, just 39
Your aparment’s dope


Your sex was not ‘whoa’
Food was highlight of the day
Thanks for the weed, though


I really love you.
You really are my best friend
You’re really the one. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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