I Pretend To Be A Girl On Omegle To Get Off

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I’ve created a kik, a fake email, basically a fake identity to act as a girl online and to cyber/sext with random guys over the internet. I don’t know what drives me to do it, but I just enjoy doing it so much and I can’t stop.

I talk to them, converse with them, create whole scenarios, and then go into deep sex roleplay – and in some cases with Kik, exchange of images. I found a large imgur album of this one cam girl and have basically created this girl.

I’ve created a sexual past for her, I’ve created likes and dislikes, and for some reason, I’m always a submissive :/

It’s not a matter of I want to be a girl, nor am I attracted to guys, I just enjoy doing things this way. In a way, I’m manipulating guys to divulge their sexual desires and in some cases, penises to me… but is that any different then what they’re doing by browsing Omegle and Chatroulette looking for girls to take their clothes off? Is what I’m doing worse? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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