7 Reasons Why ‘Call Me Maybe’ Might Be The Greatest Song Ever

image - Dance Photographer - Brendan Lally
image – Dance Photographer – Brendan Lally

1. Carly Rae Jepsen was 27 when it came out, meaning its totally ok for us to relate to it way past our prom years. That same feeling you had as a teenager of being super into someone in a way only Morrissey gets you doesn’t just dilute as you get older. It literally happens all the time until you die. I think it was high time we broke out of having the pop star champions of that feeling be excluded to prepubescent Disney stars who haven’t even really figured out the whole hand job thing yet.

2. It is one of the only successful sample of strings since, like, Aphex Twin.

3. The video actually kind of addresses heteronormality and will probably be shown in Intro to LGBTQ 100 seminars when its ready to be more obscure.

4. It encapsulates something our parents criticize about our generation perfectly, which is that our first line of defense when we actually feel something really strongly is to wrap it in a fire blanket of apathy (oh my god I’m so into you…oh my god call me…oh shit, I probably should throw a maybe in there). To them it’s a flaw but, secretly, I think we have it down to an art form.

5. Its always nice to be reminded, for both girls and guys, that it doesn’t always have to be the guy that makes the move first anymore. You guys are cool with that right? I’m pretty sure we both are. I’m pretty sure it makes it way easier on both of us.

6. Cookie Monster parodied it.

7. There’s a good chance that he might not actually call. And it doesn’t really matter. What’s celebrated in the song isn’t the certainty of an established thing, or a grieving of a past other thing like most others. What is, is that time that only happens once, where it’s just pure, young, uninformed attraction, which is how all of our existences at some point began.

Side note: I’ve noticed this song is a really popular choice of songs at weddings. Granted that might be because it’s as easy for a 70-year-old as it is for a 10-year-old, but people go ape shit on the Marriott Regency dance floor when it comes on.

I think its because it reminds us of that moment when you have no idea what could happen, and that, sometimes, the risk pays off. Yes, lots of times it doesn’t. And yes, there are a lot of long term relationships that just kind of seemed fated to happen: as two people effortlessly inched together over similar geographies, social groups, and music tastes until one day they somehow tripped into each others genitals and the rest is history. But there’s another way it happens too: People don’t have the courage to say fuck it. I don’t think any of us really care if he calls her or not that much, what we’re dancing to is the fact that she had the courage to after what she wanted, because i bet we can think of a whole bunch of times when we didn’t do that. I don’t think we need to be less falsely apathetic as a generation, we can throw “maybe” in all we like, but we can probably do with more balls, so its nice to celebrate someone that had some. Even better that it’s a chick. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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