37 Anonymous Confessions From People On The Internet That Will Make You Gasp

19. itwasjustaDARE

This was back when we were like 16 (we are 25 now).

He lived out in a farm and on the power lines, there was a ton of pigeons just lines up on them.

My friend had just bought a pellet gun and we were shooting bugs and cans with it.

I saw the pigeons and dared him to try and shoot one. I did not think it would reach them because they were pretty far away and I did not even think he would have an actual chance at hitting one. I kept nagging him to do it and called him a pussy, but he finally agreed to do it.

Well like on his third attempt, he landed a shot and we saw one fall to the ground. When we ran to it, Im not sure if it was still alive, but its head was flinching and he picked it up and threw it in the canal because we didn’t want anyone to see and get us in trouble.

I think we just never spoke of that again.

It sucks, it was my fault, he wouldn’t have done if it I hadn’t dared him.


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