24 WTF Anonymous Confessions From Strangers

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1. throwuhweighakkt

Witnessed mugging

I’m about 6 feet away from them.

Both are fighting.

Scared people look to me, only man in radius, to stop it

Struggle continues

Man takes object and fatally wounds mugger

I stand there and watch this guy die in front of me. I saw his last breath. I didn’t go up and help him. I didn’t even call 911. I just stood there and watched as everyone but me and him ran away.

I played God that day. I refused to intervene. It haunts me thinking this man had family. A son, a daughter, a mother, a friend. I know he was committing a crime, but I could’ve intervened. Everyone around me wanted me to. I repressed the memory so long I forgot it. But now I remember.

2. Artesano

I am a professor at a medical school/neuroscience department. I recently got tenure so I’m more or less safe. I am also relatively young (got lucky with my research area, and everyone wanted to hire me). Many of my students are young medical students or grad students, with some undergrads. I don’t have a girlfriend or wife, and to be honest, most of my time in undergrad and grad school was spent on research or working out (I am a triathlete). For some reason, which I did NOT ARRANGE, my lab is almost entirely made up of girls only. 5 grad students and 5 undergrads.

I always try to get everyone to know each other better and have invited them out to go hiking or even over to my house a few times (I cooked for them, I’m big on organic grass fed sort of stuff and like to cook). This sort of thing became pretty common and I often took one or two of them out to lunch or with me to somewhere I went (lecture, gym, etc) and we would talk about the research. These were all voluntary and I have never made any advances towards any of them. However, separately, five of them have made advances to me that has resulted in sex. The first time, it was one of the grad students, a girl from Finland whom I was advising. We were at my house and I had just made chocolate mousse and began playing my spanish guitar, before I knew it, she had her hands on me, and with the music and the food, things just happened.

Next one was an undergrad (22 years old) who asked I could meet her at the lab one evening (they work on their own sometimes) and after a long tense moment, she began kissing me and took off my t-shirt. I held her as we kissed against the wall of the lab and eventually had sex in my office. Very similar situation with the other students as well.

I really have NO problem with this, but it does need to stop. I have no idea how I can tell them we have to stop, since I’ve tried to bring it up and we just had sex every time and the girls did not seem interested. I don’t think they know about each other. I’m mostly worried about my academic reputation if this gets out, I’m pretty sure I won’t get fired but this would look very bad for me. Not to mention that I feel that I must be taking advantage of them at some level, even though I did not initiate anything.

3. Ijizzonshirts

It doesn’t matter what shirt it is, as long as it isn’t white. The cum leaves stains on white shirts. I just love the texture of shirts, ya know. Beats toilet paper. Also catches better than TP.

Sometimes, if I have a shitty roommate or something… I’ll rub one off on their shirts. I know they’ll be wearing the shirt I jizzed on and I get a sick satisfaction out of it. Every now and again, I jizz on one of their white shirts. They will always think they spilled ketchup or something on their shirt.

Of course, I throw it in the dirty laundry hamper and they never know. Their ignorance makes me feel so good inside.

4. AlmostCheated

I regret not cheating on my girlfriend. My girlfriend and I have been together for just over a year and I was always convinced I was in love. She constantly criticizes me and orders me around but I’ve been able to look past that.

A girl from my school who I’ve always thought was the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen but never said a word to, approached me the other day at a party which my girlfriend wasn’t at. We talked and flirted non-stop for 6 hours straight and I found out we have the exact same taste in music, TV shows, music, and to my surprise, videogames (We both love Metal Gear Solid 3).
She kept moving closer to me, holding my hands, “accidentally” touching my ass, and she kept suggesting I should sleep at her house. But I kept saying no, thinking of my girlfriend, and at the end of the night, when she went in for a kiss, I shook her hand.

The next day I was greeted with more criticism and complaining from my girlfriend when I realized that I should have taken the offer from the other girl. I’ve had a constant knot in my stomach for days now because I like the other girl so much more than my girlfriend yet I continue to tell my girlfriend that I love her.

I’ve decided that I have to break up with my girlfriend because I can’t do this to her or myself. I have lost my chance with the girl from the party because she found out I have a girlfriend and now thinks I’m a scumbag for hitting on her while I’m taken.

There it is, it’s off my chest. I’m not looking for advice really but if you have any to offer, please do.

5. freyzha

Before I start, let me say that I have never, and will never, had/have any sexual intentions in this situation.

One of my younger female cousins, hereafter referred to as H, had a lot of image and self-esteem problems in high school, despite being initially reasonably good-looking and only improving as she grew older. I decided that I would help her try and get out more so that she didn’t feel like a shut-in, but I got her to agree to let me help her pick out some new clothes that were more…flattering, shall we say, and to let me take the lead in introducing her at parties and shit. I told her that I would make sure she was never embarassed by anyone at a social event, and that I would personally take care of anyone who made her feel uncomfortable.

Time went on, I kept my promises, and she grew more attached to me, even going so far as to ask me to her senior prom as her date, which I agreed to, but only after making her secure permission from her high school dean to take someone more than 3 years her elder. I basically did everything to get her ready, since she was so nervous about the event. I chose an extremely flattering evening gown, and even though she was a bit hesitant to wear something she called “shameless” (it really wasn’t that bad, maybe the neckline was slightly revealing, but eh), I told her that I thought she looked gorgeous in it and for that reason, she should wear it. She did, and we had a lovely time.

Throughout all the experiences we had, I made sure to always tell her she was doing well in social situations, and subtly reminded her that I was to thank for helping her get out more often.

Long story short, she ends up wanting to go to the same college as me, does so, and after accompanying her to all the freshman formal events, and even taking her to some of the senior ones, making sure to help her get dressed up every time, I pretty much have her under my thumb. She asks me to stay around the area and get an apartment/work, even after I just graduated, because she feels nervous about not having me around.

So here I am, having just graduated college, about to sign a lease for an apartment in a city that I faked wanting to leave. There’s a beautiful girl who needs me and doesn’t want anything to do with anyone else living a 10 minute walk away from me, and I’ve got company and someone who I can take out on the town to have a quiet evening with, but also bring along to formal get-togethers on occasion, doing what I want her to, NOT what I tell her to.
Life is good; life is interesting. But I can’t help but wonder when the day will come where she outgrows me, and what will happen.

6. lemonpartier420

Girlfriend cheated on me with my best friend, so I got with his wife and her youngest child might be mine.

7. hotmodel

I use her for sex tell her i’m too busy to take her on any dates or spend time talking with her and she complains that I never have free time for her.

I lie to get out of doing things for her and I ask her to run little errands for me all the time. This girl has been loyal to me for the past 2 and a half years and all I can think about is when things will get better for me so that I can break it off in the easiest way possible for me.

I really care for her in a non-romantic love kind of way the kind of love you have for a friend you care about, but I have never felt a deep love connection with her. I think she gets this, but shes still with me for some reason.

I feel godawful about myself for writing this out loud and realizing how terrible of a person I really am. I want to scream at myself to get out.

I’m looking to “upgrade” to a better looking sexier GF when things get better with my life. I suck I know. I’ve dated materialistic whores in my life and I’m not sure if I have such a low expectation for women now or REALLY unreasonably high standards for them. Either way I rationalize my behavior for some fucked up flaky shit ex-gf’s have done to me in the past.

I just see any girl that doesn’t meet every criteria on my list as a sexual conquest. I’m a terrible person you don’t have to hammer this point home for me thanks.

8. confess132

When I started doing amateur porn, I said I’d never escort, but the guy who propositioned me was really nice and pretty average looking. I didn’t think he was serious at first, but to prove himself he sent me a timestamped pic with the money.

I don’t really feel bad about agreeing to it, and it’s moral in my opinion. My boyfriend even said I should do it and he wouldn’t feel like it was cheating.

I haven’t told anyone and I just wanted to confess that I’m literally a whore now.

9. throwaway46105

I’m not attracted to my girlfriend. She weighs about the same as me now, and it’s ALL in her stomach. I’m not attracted to her any more and I don’t get turned on by her body any more. I love her to death, but it sucks not having any physical attraction any more. I try to have us eat healthy and stuff, but she doesn’t seem to care. I’ve lost about 20 pounds while she’s lost 3 or so and doesn’t put in any effort. I feel very shallow.

10. throwmeaway123123321

i havent been doing well in school academically, My parents come from a asian background and their solution to everything is to move me 3000 miles away, they did this when I was little and we decided to move to Minnesota, we eventually moved back after two years and things were back to normal again.

4 years has passed and im 15 years old. I started dating this beautiful girl when I was in 8th grade and no matter how angry we were at each other we loved each other at the end of the day, or so as I thought, our playful fights became bitter, we fought constantly due to the fact that I had alot of girl friends but I had no feelings for. I eventually decided to give up most of my friends to be with her because she is the only girl I ever loved this much and i would go to hell and back for her.

Now this year, my grades had dropped significantly from a low B to a high C student to garbage. I told my parents about it and they only blame my girlfriend for being a distraction, I hate that so much and I told them I will study harder but they won’t consider my feelings. My girlfriend told me that she supposedly loved me too much to be in a long distance relationship with me and I feel so angry at everyone. I feel so lonely. I just want to be happy.

11. boneaway69

okay, so basically, my friend texts me saying “nice dick”. so at first i’m like haha, ok, “you wanna chatroulette?” jokingly calling his bluff. then I start going crazy thinking how would he know?

any advice? I’d bet he’d even save the pics to blackmail me with them, like Christ, this Anthony weiner dude is doing good in comparison. should I just hang myself? I don’t know what to do, i’m too embarrassed to go on. I can’t live with any more shame and guilt.

12. naomi15

I know she’s going to die and I think that it will be a relief when it happens.

My aunt has been an alcoholic for years, along with abusing her prescription meds. We recently found out she has added Meth to her issues. She has already gotten a DUI and its only a matter of time before she gets another. Everyone has tried to help as much as they can (with out just giving her money) but to her it is always everyone else who has the problem.

I have lost every ounce of respect for her and I would feel worse if she hurt an innocent stranger than herself at this point. I feel like I should feel like a horrible person for not caring if she dies but after everything I just don’t. I don’t even really want my mom or any of the family to try and help her anymore. She has caused so much stress for my grandma (who is having health issues of her own) and it pisses me off so much that I just want it to end.

13. stickythighs

I LOVE my boyfriend, but I am not at all attracted to him. I do not like having sex with him most the time, even though every time we have sex he brings me to orgasm. He isn’t overweight or ugly so I don’t know why I just don’t feel attracted to him.

I get high everyday (without him knowing) just so that I can have tolerable sex with him. I can’t imagine not having him in my life, I love him and being around him. I just wish I was attracted to him.

14. CantEvenThink

I have a two year old son. He’s a great kid, I’m just a horrible mother. I love him so much. He’s the light of my life. But I don’t know that it’s worth it. I just hate being a parent.

I really hate it. I hate waking up at 7 to him screaming. I hate having to hover over him all day. I hate that he still gets up at night. I hate that he’s constantly making a mess. I hate that he never sits still. I hate that he always into things he shouldn’t be. I hate that he finds crayons and writes on the walls. I hate changing diapers. I hate that he won’t eat anything I try to feed him. I hate playing stupid little kid games with him, I’d rather be playing some computer game. I hate trying to teach him things.

He deserves a lot better than me. I don’t mistreat him or anything, but I wish I loved doing all of this. I just don’t. It really sucks. I believe that kids can tell when their parent’s hearts aren’t in it. Mine isn’t. I want him to be a good person, and I want to try to raise him right. I just don’t want to put in the effort into making that happen.

15. balladofdeadangels

I’m an 18 year old male. I masturbate every other day, and for the past several months I’m been having dry orgasms. I didn’t masturbate too frequently in my youth, so I don’t know what is going on. I haven’t seen a doctor yet and I just want to know if it’s normal. On the upside, it looks like I won’t be getting anyone pregnant.

16. yourblackson

I’m a young black man whose sexual fantasy is to be the “adopted” son of an older, white, bisexual couple. The title speaks for itself. I would love to meet a nice, older, bisexual couple and be their “adopted” son so we can all indulge in perverse, incest fantasies together. Seriously, screw the racial overtones, the experience sounds so amazingly hot. It just stinks that its so hard to find people who feel the same way.

17. hatefulsalamander

You are nearly 88, and I share no blood relation to you. I watch over you like the kind person I am and simply because you’re in my home. I shouldn’t have this sort of responsibility, but I suppose I don’t mind so much.

You don’t know my name, and consistently ask for it. Sure, you have Alzheimer’s, but I don’t. I remember every single time. It’s increasing too. You forget that you’ve had your morning coffee and go for a second cup. You forget that you’ve taken laxatives and nearly shit yourself. You fucking forget what I told you 20 minutes ago. But, I understand. It isn’t your fault. I’m not mad at you.

But I want you to die.

You refuse to eat lunch nearly every day. I have to physically serve you and watch to make sure you eat it, or you’ll hide it and pretend. Do you want to die of starvation? You must. I take pity on you really, and that is why I hope you die.

The stench from your room alone is enough to make my skin crawl. The way you need to be waited on infuriates me. “It’s hell getting old,” if I hear it one more time, I feel as if my only wish will be an early death for myself, never reaching the white and decrepit years you have. Please stop asking the same questions. Please don’t try and make me pity you. Please don’t look at me with those sallow, corpse’s eyes. Please don’t touch me, you intend it to be warm and kind, but it makes me feel as if I’ve felt death.

You’ve been an inconvenience in my life for three years now. I understand you’re old. Your life has passed. You take so many pills, how is it possible you are still hanging on? Just, please, give up. You’ve done all you’ve had to. You’ve raised a family and served your purpose. The only thing you can do now is complain and encumber plans. I will never do anything to harm you, but I hope your time is quickly approaching for both your sake and mine. I do not want to see the day when you don’t remember my face. That will be a frightening occasion.

18. modemguy

So I walked into my local Wal Mart earlier this week and I was going to just get two or three things (some ear drops and some headache pills). But first I decided to go head over to the DVD section and see what new DVD’s were out.

No big deal.

Then I saw these two people, a man and a woman next to the pens and papers section. This skinny woman looked like she was walking away really fast from the man who was easily was about 30-50 pounds heavier than her and muscular. The man was trying to tell her that she had to do something for him immediately, but she said no that she needed to finish getting some groceries and go home.

Their voices got loud, and they argued. Then she was apparently done with the conversation, and started walking on. She made it about 3 steps when the man quickly got in her path and grabbed both of her arms until they were red.

She yelled for him to stop and to let her go, and I’m not talking in a playful manner where it was just a harmless joke and good clean fun. She yelled like she was really frightened and trapped. He was all up in her face intimidating her. Several people walked by and looked, but they kept walking like they didn’t want to get involved. And to my shame, I kept walking as well and got my stuff and checked it out.

I could have done something. I could have cleared my throat and asked if the woman was OK, and if the man was bothering her. I could have quietly asked an associate to call the police. I could have even defended myself if the man tried to attack me.

I didn’t have as much muscle as he did, but I know a few self defense moves. But I did nothing. What the hell is wrong with me? I was raised better than that. And this has been stuck in my mind for days now.

19. 16yearoldthief

When I was 16 and 17 (I’m 26 now), I took thousands of dollars through fake returns at the retail store I worked at.

20. twistedboyscout

I was 15 years old, a freshman in high school and on Yahoo Messenger. I found someone I naively assumed was a girl and got naked for her on cam at her request. Immediately, he ( which I found out quickly) sent me the video he had just screen captured of me naked and said I had to follow his directions or he would mass post it. He told me to dress up (in my boy scout uniform, makes the user name real fucked up), strip and dance, then masterbate. I did exactly as he said as he recorded me from his side I live in fear that the video will eventually surface and I will have to come to terms with it. I never heard from him again, but I am ashamed that I did nothing to stop this man from treating someone else like he did me. I know I’m not to “blame” here, but I am still ashamed of my lack of action.

21. I_really_regret_it

so an old friend from college is visiting from out of state. He is gay, and i am a straight male. Ever since i knew him, he has had a little crush on me, but since i am straight, he knows i would never go out with him. 2 nights ago, while he was over, we were drinking, ALOT. After a couple beers, we got a good buzz on and he told me that he hadn’t smoked weed in a while. Since i had some, i decided to to be a good guy and offer him some. We ended up lighting up a bowl right there. We were both pretty cross-faded, and i guess i was falling asleep right there on the couch. After closing my eyes for 5 minutes, i felt something grope my crotch. As i opened my eyes, i realized it was my friend, fondling me. I was so drunk i didnt know what was happening.I knew i didnt want him touching me there, but i had a lapse of judgement and let him do it anyways. I wasn’t erect, but he tried jacking me off anyways.My junk was covered with my sweater, as he jacked me off, so he never really saw it. I dont know why i let him do it. I didnt enjoy it at all. I came to my senses and stopped him.I regret this more than anything i have ever done. I really hope it didnt really happen.

22. in_the_desert

My husband is a really sweet man. He’s very kind to me. He doesn’t have a mean bone in his body. He never hits me or is mean or even yells at me.

Pretty much since I’ve known him I fantasize about him being gang raped by men. In my fantasy I’m watching when this happens. I’m egging the men on. I let some of the men fuck me while others rape my husband.

Sometimes I masturbate when I have this fantasy and I orgasm as a result. I have lots of dark twisted fantasies. This is just one of them. I know my husband would be shocked if I told him. He has no idea of my twisted side.

23. IdiotReportingIn

I love her more than anything, but right now I just wish she’d hate me. I don’t know why she doesn’t.

Sometimes she just feels extremely down. She has suicidal thoughts but never tried anything as far as I know. She pretends to be happy to her friends and family but she’s dying on the inside. I know she is, and I’m the only one that really makes her happy.

This isn’t the first time she told me this, and tonight she did again. Only we talked more about it this time, more emotional than before. Then halfway I said something I will regret for the rest of my life.
I told her I love her too much. I wouldn’t be able to see her suffer and eventually hurt herself. I told her that I wouldn’t be able to deal with it and that I’d not be there when that would happen. Because it would take me down too. She’s the only person I have and I’m the only one she has. I basically told her that when she’d need me the most I wouldn’t be there for her.

And I meant it. I would not be able to deal with losing her.. I just feel so incredibly bad. I wish I would’ve never met her for her sake. I feel empty right now. I’m not angry or sad. I don’t feel anything but regret.

I just needed to tell someone. Sorry it had to be you guys. Thanks for listening.

24. azvla

First of all, I’m an 18 year old girl. I think there’s something wrong with me – I never get turned on, by anything. I used to, back when I was 13 or so, and I know how it feels like. But for the past few years, there’s been nothing! I’ve tried things, like porn videos, and erotic novels, but they don’t help at all.

I think this is why boys don’t see me the way the see other girls. They must know, somehow. I’m 18 and I’ve never even held hands with a boy. I know I’m not ugly – I’m not the most beautiful girl alive, but I’m better looking than most. I exercise to keep in shape, and wear make-up. I can’t even remember the last time I had a crush on someone. I feel like I’m missing out on something big.

I don’t know if it’s hormones or whatever. I’m not on any medication, not on the pill, so I guess I’m naturally this way. I don’t like it though. I want to change. I feel unnatural. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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