The Love Made Me Do It

My ears listened to what they wanted me to believe. My lips parted when there was nothing else to say. My eyes told them what I wanted between my thighs. My hips trembled before they got to know my last name.

My toes curled under when they were deep inside of me and I gave in to their desire. My sheets were damp from their sweat and my hair knotted from their grasp. My back told them it was time to leave and my door shut when they got too close.

My character appeared strong, but it weakened every time I felt their body near mine. My body reacted to my mind telling me emotionless sex would heal me. My mind assured me that I was in control and numbed the pain I felt in my chest. There was no answer except for the recurring thought that danced around in my mind: The love made me do it. The unceasing, all consuming, uncontrollable love I have for you, made me do it.

My ears heard the whispers of my sub-conscious warn me that my promiscuity was because of the love. My heart was heavy and suffocated under the weight of my feelings for you. My body became a slave for the love that you so carelessly disposed of when you walked away and found someone new.

Your heart now belongs to someone else, even if mine still belongs to you. Your words still mean something to me even though I pretend to not care. Your stories are never ending but I listen because your voice is like home to me. Your hugs let me close enough to remind me of what it is to be held by you. Your touch floods my face with heat as my eyes run away from your glance.

Your honesty about your desire for me makes me think you will leave her. Your actions give me hope that one day your heart could be mine again. Your kiss takes me back to when I was never theirs, but only yours.

You’re my friend because I miss you. You’re my enemy because I love you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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