Behold! The Best Thing I’ve Seen On The Internet, Probably Ever

I’m assuming most of America has seen this already, but if you haven’t then you’re missing out. It’s fine. I’m here to help.

This episode of Gordon Ramsey’s show where he yells at people in kitchens was brought to my attention via this Buzzfeed Article. The chaos is incredible. This woman’s eyes… it’s like something from mythology. I don’t know, she worries me in the way that Elizabeth Báthory probably worried people. (Meow, Meow)

For your viewing pleasure, I present the greatest and most quotable 40ish minutes of reality TV ever.


Note: Amy’s Baking Company’s Grand Reopening is May 21st. If you live in the Scottsale, AZ area, please, please attend and give me a play by play so I feel included (I have FOMO). B.Y.O.F.R. (Bring your own frozen ravioli). Thought Catalog Logo Mark

image – Hell’s Kitchen

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